Reclaim the Gift of Sleep with ZAZOO Photo Clock!

Zazoo1With the ZAZOO Kids’ Photo Clock next to your little geek’s bed, you might just find yourself sleeping snugly until your own alarm goes off, instead of waking to the alarming sensation of having your eyebrows tugged on by tiny hands.

Seriously! Not even joking!

New parents will tell their currently-child-less friends that there’s a number of things they mustn’t ever take for granted–things you ought to enjoy as much as possible while you still have the time, energy and wherewithal to enjoy them.

Chief among these? SLEEP.

Some kids (like me, according to my parents) love to sleep–they’ll do it as much as they can, as long as they can, and as hard as they can, whenever they can. But these young’ns are far and few between. Instead, most like to wake up at all hours and tugs on dad’s whiskers or mom’s cheeks until they’re not the only ones awake, no matter what ungodly hour that might be.

But now, technology and ingenuity MAY have found us a solution! The ZAZOO Photo Clock just might be the answer to parents’ prayers for a solid night of sleeping.

Who knows, they might even get to the point where it’s possible to take sleep for granted again.

(Shhh, don’t interrupt my wishful thinking!)

ZAZOO Kids Photo Clock’s Alarmingly Awesome Features

Zazoo 3The ZAZOO Photo Clock has a ton of features. You’ve probably already intuited two of it’s main functions: as a clock and picture display. But that’s just the tip of this particular iceberg of awesome.

Before they can read clocks, a lot of young kids just don’t understand the difference between “sleepy time” and “awake time.” If their eyes are open, then that means it’s time to get up and play and eat breakfast and tug on cheeks and whiskers!

Well, this fantastic gadget aims to help your little geeks learn about all that. The display of the clock features images that will tell your little guys or gals what time it is. A moon let’s them know it’s still time for sleep, while a bright sun shows them it’s time to get up!

The photo alarm can be set by you, so your sun can rise whenever you want it to.

Other awesome features include ports for customizability (USB, flash drive, and SD card slots) so you can put your own pictures, audio files, and even videos on the ZAZOO Photo Clock. And because it’s so versatile in that way, this is a gadget that will grow with your little geek.

It works wonders as a pictographic alarm clock, but it also has all the features of a simple tablet PC, so you might even get your kids to stop begging for your iPad every time you have it out.

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Kind of a win-win, don’t you think?

Yes. Yes, I do.

Wake Up to the Possibilities of the ZAZOO Kids Photo Clock!

Zazoo 5As far as I can tell, this is really one of the first digital goodies of its kind. Sure, there are plenty of kids’ alarm clocks out there–plenty of kids tablet, too–but nothing that seems as focused on the grooming of children’s sleeping habits as this.

And I’m definitely not the first one to see something awesome here. The New York Times, Newsday, Cool Mom Tech, and dozens of other publications have seen the ZAZOO Photo Clock and praised it before me. And believe me, that’s a bandwagon I definitely don’t mind jumping on.

At a fairly hefty price of $67.49 on Amazon, it’s a good thing the clock will stay relevant to your little geek as he or she grows. Otherwise, that might be too steep a price tag–even for the chance at a rare good night’s sleep.

But, because it will (or… SHOULD) stay suitable for kids all the way into grade school, I’m going out on a limb and saying it’ll be worth it.

Will I be buying one? Well, once my little geek is old enough, if it’s still the best on the market for this, then yes. But at 8 months old, my geek doesn’t yet have the ability to recognize sun as day and moon as night.

Crave it? GET IT!

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  1. Looks pretty cool! I just bought my kids Leapads, they can take photos with them and add the USB in the clock.

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