Cloak Your Little Jedi in a Yoda Bath Towel


Yoda Bath Towel

Your kids are already incredibly cute – you know that. Your kids are also being trained to be little geeks. The best things happen when cute and geeky collide, making you realize just how adorable your geeky kids can be.

One recent discovery that blends cute and geeky in the best kind of way is this Yoda Bath Towel from Etsy shop MiddleBrainedCanvas. With this towel, your little one will look just like the wisest, oldest Star Wars Jedi Master in the universe when he or she gets out of the bathtub.

Cute and functional, the Yoda Bath Towel is designed to look great, and it will feel great to your kids – although they’ll get plenty of enjoyment out of this towel-costume as well.

The Yoda Bath Towel is made by adding an olive-green hood with Yoda’s signature ears to a brown bath towel, giving your child a dry head and body in a way that is fun and stylish. The towels used are made of 100% cotton, and are incredibly soft, so that comfort is just as important as the look of the Yoda Bath Towel.

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The Yoda Bath Towel is stitched together flawlessly, so don’t worry about having to be delicate; you can machine-wash this towel just like you would any other. The towel is also 100% dryer friendly, and should add no additional time or attention to your typical laundry routine.

Unfortunately for grown-up Jedis, the Yoda Bath Towel only comes in one size, and will not comfortably fit an adult – unless you happen to actually be Yoda-sized. The complete towel measures 30 inches by 54 inches, and the hood measures 7.5 inches in length (from the top of the hood to the neck), and approximately 19 inches around. This size is perfect for any little one to emulate Yoda’s signature robe!

If you want to make bath time more fun for your geeky kid, and have him or her look adorable in the process, the Yoda Bath Towel is a great product. By learning the way of the Jedi at a young age, your geeky kid will develop Star Wars fever from a young age, too.

So hesitate, you should not! Get your own Yoda Bath Towel here!


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    I love this!!! I also noticed she has Princess Leia, R2D2, Clone Trooper, and Darth Vader. Glee!!! There was TMNT for my superhero loving boy and Snow White for my princess loving girl.

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