Make a Splash this Summer with the Walk on Water Inflatable

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Walk on Water Inflatable

Summer is coming up fast! The calendar turns to May tomorrow, and the end of school across the country is growing near. You know what that means – time for summer! And we all know there is no better way to spend those lazy summer days than out on a lake or swimming in the pool. Beating the heat and relaxing in aquatic environments is what we wait for all year.

If you want your family to have an epic summer, you should invest in some new toys for those days in the water over the next three months. One item that would make your kids’ summer vacation even more awesome is the Walk on Water Inflatable from Hammacher Schlemmer!

Inner tubes and pool noodles are cool and all, but they don’t let you feel like a God as you walk around above the shimmering blue surface beneath you. With the Walk on Water Inflatable, you can! This product is made of┬áreinforced 500-denier fabric fused with layers of 28-oz. PVC, giving it unprecedented strength that won’t buckle even on the fluctuating surface of a lake. The Walk on Water Inflatable measures 90 square feet and can support up to an impressive 1,000 pounds.

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What can you do aboard this inflatable, durable piece of aquatic equipment? Pretty much whatever you want! The Walk on Water Inflatable will withstand running, jumping, slip-n’-sliding, and pretty much any other fun activity you can think of.

This product is intended for water that is at least four feet deep, so the ideal use is in a lake or a very spacious, deep pool. After all, the purpose is that you’re able to stand well above the water – so don’t use it where you can already touch the bottom!

The Walk on Water Inflatable mat is only two┬áinches high, providing you with all of this fun right above the water’s surface. The mat blows up in under five minutes with an included pump, and it will hold air for several hours with little sign of deflation, even when subjected to lots of weight and activity. When the fun is over, the Walk on Water Inflatable rolls up into a convenient shoulder bag, for easy transport.

So, make your summer days just a little more fun and walk on water!

You can get the Walk on Water Inflatable at Hammacher Schlemmer here.

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