Let Your Geek Girl Express Her Thoughts Securely with the Voice Recognition Password Journal


Many young girls like to keep a journal, and this is a practice which all parents should encourage. Teaching your little girl to express herself is a great thing, and she will simultaneously improve valuable writing skills in the process.

And while the girls down the block will keep their secrets in old-fashioned composition notebooks, as a geeky parent, you should treat your princess to the top-of-the-line journal; a journal that comes with all the benefits of geek tech, namely, voice recognition!

Voice Recognition Password Journal

There is nothing more terrifying to a journal-keeping kiddo than the prospect of someone snooping through her innermost thoughts. It would be catastrophic for your daughter’s scribblings about how cute┬áthe boy in math class is to be discovered by any one of her peers – or maybe even worse, by her mother or father.

Thanks to this innovative new kids’ journal, though, your little girl can write anything she pleases with the confidence that her secrets will remain hers alone. The Voice Recognition Password Journal does exactly what it sounds like: it prevents anyone from opening the journal unless their voice matches your daughter’s voice, and recites the password that your daughter has chosen.

Adding to the sophistication of this journal is that your little girl can record a personalized “intruder alert,” warning anyone who tries to open the journal without stating the correct password to stop trying to snoop.

Your daughter will feel like her confessions are incredibly safe with this awesome new product.

You can check out more details on the Voice Recognition Password Journal here!

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