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Ping pong is a great game for kids; it’s a great way to improve hand-eye coordination, and it’s certainly a more productive, active way to play than sitting in front of a PlayStation or Xbox for hours on end.

However, as most parents will find out at some point, games like ping pong can result in broken china, bloody noses, and of course, plenty of lost balls. The Sharper Image has noticed these issues and has taken steps to remedy them with the new Virtual Pong game.

Virtual Pong

Much like the Indoor Snowball Fight we wrote about alleviates the risks posed by an actual snowball fight, this Virtual Pong game will make sure the valuables in your house stay in one piece in a way that an actual game of ping pong certainly cannot.

But not only is this Virtual Pong game better suited to protecting the delicate items in your house – it actually provides a better workout for your children as well. Don’t believe me? Just check out the video below for yourself (space costumes not included).

As you can see, just because there is not a physical ball does not mean there is no activity in this high-tech version of ping pong. Instead of focusing on a ping pong ball, players are challenged to “hit” a bouncing ball of light, which will ricochet off your walls and ceiling instead of just bouncing around on a table. This provides an arguably more challenging object for your kids to hit with their equally-futuristic electronic racquets.

If you have an only child – no problem. The Virtual Pong game will allow users to face each other mono-a-mono, but will also allow one player to take on the console itself, providing hours of entertainment whether your kiddo is alone or with a companion.

Plus, let’s be honest, kids can be a handful, and a game like this will be much more effective in tiring them out and getting them ready to sleep than a day spent watching television and playing video games. You need to encourage games like this in order to allow yourself to get some well-deserved rest every now and then.

If you want a fun, active game for your kids that won’t result in any damage to your home, head over to Sharper Image and check out the Virtual Pong set now!


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