Top 11 l337 Video Game Baby Onesies

There’s no better time to train the next generation of leet gamers than right out of the womb. Level your baby up with these video game baby onesies!

The best way to ensure prompt acceptance into the Kingdom of Geeks is dressing your baby in a video game onesie, snapping as many photos as possible, and using the photos to assist in Jedi Mindtricking them into being the most uber gamer of their generation.

One caveat: Be prepared to get your ass whooped in Mario Kart by the time they’re 10. This much gamer baby cuteness is a powerful potion.

Ready to Get Pwned?

If you’re a Geeky new parent and don’t own any of these video game styled onesies, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Never before has it been so easy, so epic & so much damn fun to dress your kid in what you love.

So, without further adieu, let’s storm the castle & get this loot!

11. Ding! Level One Human

ding level one onesie

Nothing says, ‘Welcome to the World’ (of Warcraft) like this onesie.

If only every baby ‘Dinged’ instead of cried, we’d have a much more peaceful existence.

The design and make is by Geekling Designs at Etsy. They use non-toxic ink, so you can rest assured this onesie won’t be casting a DOT on your little gamer.

Crave it? Get it!

10. My Guild Tabard is in the Wash

guild tabard onesie

Did you know that WoW Guild Leaders are publicizing their epicness on their resumes? That’s right. Instead of getting a J-O-B through college (and going to class), guild leaders are making it clear that they work hard and have leadership abilities… well, at least to people who only know them as a level 70 Priest.

With this onesie, your MMORPGer will easily gain entrance into your uber guild, even before they hit level 50.

Crave it? Get it!

9. v2.0

v2.0 onesie

Nothing exclaims ‘Upgrading the Next Generation’ like announcing your Geekette is Version 2.0 of yourself.

Clean, simple design means your baby will understand white space when developing the next version of your blog.

Crave it? Get it!

8. n00b

noob onesie

It doesn’t matter if you started with Ultima Online, Everquest or **gasp** WoW, we all were there at one point: total n00b.

Sadly, you can’t cast SoW on your little Geek to get past teething. And you know they will always camp out wherever mommy spawns their loot.

So nothing is more appropriate than helping them (and you) embrace their noobness.

Crave it? Get it!

7. future gamer

future gamer onesie

Listen. We all know we crave the days of button mashing Metroid and Punch-Out!

But sadly, those days are lost and gone forever (without the help of an emulator).

But we can relive them through our children by forcing them to wear this onesie when they don’t know the difference between Nintendo, SNES, PS3 and an iPod.

Crave it? Get it!

6. Set of Old School Nintendo Onesies

old school nintendo onesies

Regular ol’ Nintendo onesie don’t cut it?

Then this set of Nintendo onesies for us Nintendo Geeks out there will!

NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube. What more could you ask for with your baby?

Personally, I’d prefer Mario or Goldeneye as the third in the set, but Tetris will have to do, I guess.

Crave it? Get it!

5. I pwn noobs.

pwn noobs onesie

While the n00b onesie is ideal for the newborn, once your baby is 3-6 months, it’s time to upgrade them and begin the brainwashing.

Repeat after me: I pwn n00bs.

I pwn n00bs.

I pwn n00bs.

Tell them this everyday, when they wake and when they go to sleep, and they will begin believing it, too. Complete the Buff with this onesie and they’ll be destroying the n00bs in your neighborhood by the time they can button mash.

Crave it? Get it!

4. My Other Stroller is [EPIC]

my other stroller is epic onesie

No Azeroth baby should be allowed to leave their spawn town without it.

Throw baby in this onesie for good luck when Daddy is wrecking havoc in end-game content, 40-man raids.

Crave it? Get it!

3. Super Mario Onesie

super mario bros onesie

OMFG. This. Is. Cute.

Not only do you get Retro Mario, but you get an Oompa AND a PACIFIER!

I love my baby. I truly do.

But once I see him in this Super Mario Onesie, well, my love for him will reach a new level.

Crave it? Get it!

2. Level 1 Human RPG Onesie

level one human onesie

With such a high Charisma, your baby seems destined to be a Bard in this onesie.

But remember, as he gains more experience, you’ll be able to upgrade your Geek and +1 the most important areas.

While I’m sure my baby came out with an INT of at least 8, this should suffice for most Geeky babies out there.

(Psst – Think your geek deserves a higher INT than 6? Just white out the base level and use a sharpie to write in the appropriate intelligence at birth).

Crave it? Get it!

1. Link Outfit

link baby outfit

OK. Not exactly a onesie. But this is by far the most l337 baby outfit of them all.

Seriously. I need this. NOW.

Unfortunately, it can’t be bought. You gotta download the pattern and make it yourself.

If you don’t got the leet skillz, give it to Grandma and I’m sure she’ll make it in no time for your precious Link.

Two caveats: No bow and arrow and no boomerang. Dangit!

Crave it? Get it!

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