Universal Studios to Open a Nintendo Theme Park

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Universal Announces Plans for Nintendo Theme Park

Universal Studios Theme Parks are a clear second place to Disney parks when it comes to popularity and notability; however, the power balance might be shifting a little bit in the coming years, thanks to Universal’s announcement that they plan to create several theme parks based on classic Nintendo characters and themes.

The planned Nintendo parks will not be separate entities entirely; rather, Universal Studios Theme Parks will now feature a sub-park within their parks that is dedicated to characters like Mario, Pikachu, Star Fox, and a host of other iconic Nintendo creations. The exact nature of the attractions and rides has not been announced, but in any case, having a theme park dedicated to our favorite Nintendo characters will undoubtedly be epic.

There is much speculation that this Nintendo-themed park could replace Universal Studios Marvel Superhero Island, which has had its status in limbo ever since Disney bought Marvel in 2009. Replacing this area with a Nintendo-based area would make a lot of sense for both Disney and Universal.

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There is no official word yet on when this Nintendo land of awesomeness will open, but it’s exciting enough that it is in development at all. All real geeks have a soft spot in their hearts for the Mario Bros classics, and that is just scratching the surface of all of the awesome games and characters Nintendo has created over the years.

Once this park does open, it will automatically become the Mecca for geeky families. Imagine playing real-life Mario Kart, adventuring with Zelda, and battling with your favorite Pokemon. The possibilities of a Nintendo-themed park are endlessly exciting.

So, look for a Nintendo Theme Park to be coming to a Universal Studios (that is probably not) near you in the coming years. The world of theme parks is guaranteed to get a little more exciting when this project is finalized. Until then, we will all wait excitedly.

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  1. I played lots of games on Nintendo, and I recognized that it’s such a great brand. I also let my little kid to play it. Of course, i choose the games for him. Thanks for sharing a new update in Nintendo, so I will try for my kid. Great job, man!

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