Is there Anything Cooler than a Hot Tub Hammock? Definitely Not.

The Hydro Hammock Is this the best invention of all time? We think it might be. On Kickstarter right now (of course it’s already been fully funded and then some) is the Hydro Hammock, which is, yes, A HOT TUB IN A HAMMOCK. Is there anyone in the world who wouldn’t love to own a Hydro […]

Teach Fiscal Responsibility with the Digital Money Counting Jar

Digital Money Counting Jar Growing up, almost all of us had a piggy bank or something similar. When you’re a kid, collecting even a few extra pennies, nickels, and dimes is a big deal. While these tiny banks rarely add up to any significant money, piggy banks teach kids the responsibility of saving money and […]

Jump More Safely with the Springfree Trampoline!

The Springfree Trampoline Trampolines are an essential part of childhood. Almost all of us remember a favorite summer or two of our youth spent jumping around and playing games on a trampoline in the baking sun. Naturally, your kids will want to play on trampolines too, and you should encourage them to do so – it’s […]

Let Your Kids Showcase Their Favorite Items in the Air with the Levitron Revolution Platform

Levitron Revolution Platform Every kid has a few special possessions that he or she wants to show off to the world. Whether it’s a favorite action figure, unique memorabilia, or a special gift from mom and dad, certain items just have more meaning and deserve to be properly showcased. If you really want to have […]

Make Getting Out of Bed Easier with the Target Practice Alarm Clock

Target Practice Alarm Clock Are you and your family members having trouble getting out of bed? Are your kids late for school because they press snooze two or three times on their alarm clocks in the morning? Especially when your kids are teenagers, getting them out of the comfort of bed to head to school […]

Let Your Son Get Fast and Furious with the Kid Trax Dodge Viper SRT

Kid Trax Dodge Viper SRT Here at Geeks Raising Geeks, we believe that there are plenty of non-geeky things in life that can still excite you and your children. Even if your kids can quote every line of The Hobbit and sleep in a room designed to look like Hoth, they will still love some of […]

Lifetrons Multitool: The Swiss Army Knife for Geeks

Lifetrons Multitool Swiss Army Knives are famous for their ability to take on a wide range of tasks, with all of the bells and whistles tucked away in a tiny device. While having a bunch of knives and saws and scissors and toothpicks at your disposal is pretty cool, the traditional Swiss Army Knives have […]

Wear an Instrument with the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt!

Is your kid a budding guitarist? Teaching your children to play instruments is a great idea, as kids are much more likely to learn the necessary skills at a young age. However, there’s only so much time in the day to practice an instrument, and when your kids are constantly running between school and after-school […]

Teach Your Kids the Fun of Pest Control with the Bug-A-Salt!

Boys will be boys. Most young boys develop a fondness for weaponry at some point in their youth, and there are many ways that this affection can manifest. It is your job as a parent to make sure this weapons obsession turns into something positive. Meanwhile, flies will be flies. No matter where you live, […]

Upgrade Your Kid’s Toys with the RC Hovering Jump Jet

There are few likes kids love more than cool vehicles. Kids always have and always will love things that move around and make a lot of noise – and helicopters and airplanes are two things that are very good at performing those actions. But how cool would a kid’s today be if it were to […]