Make Getting Out of Bed Easier with the Target Practice Alarm Clock

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Target Practice Alarm Clock

Are you and your family members having trouble getting out of bed? Are your kids late for school because they press snooze two or three times on their alarm clocks in the morning? Especially when your kids are teenagers, getting them out of the comfort of bed to head to school can be an arduous task.

So what’s the solution? Well, you just need to make the process of waking up a little more fun and rewarding. One great way to do that: give your kids all the fun of laser tag and target practice when getting out of bed! The Target Practice Alarm Clock from Newerpoint does just that, helping start your morning off with a touch of fun and skill.

With the Target Practice Alarm Clock, staying in bed is a much more difficult endeavor than with most other alarm clocks. Instead of being able to lazily pound a snooze button and go back to bed, with this alarm clock, you will have to locate your laser blaster and accurate hit the bullseye on the target protruding from the top of the clock if you want the annoying alarm to stop. By making you focus your mental energy on precise shooting, you will jumpstart your brain, and of course, the shrill alarm will make your senses spring into the milieu of waking hours.


The Target Practice Alarm Clock is a straightforward way to make getting out of bed more efficient and more fun. In addition to serving as an alarm clock, this product features two additional target practice modes that will help you improve your skills, so that you are more deadly accurate during those groggy mornings when you need to get up and get going.

This clock also has the ability to record your voice and use custom sound effects, making your morning wakeup just a little bit more personal. This is a simplistic alarm clock with a fun concept that will enhance your mornings.

To encourage your kids to stop being lazy in the mornings, get them the Target Practice Alarm Clock, and everyone will be a little happier. Check it out here!

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