SuperME’s Super Wonderful Cape Backpacks

heroesSuperME is a company that specializes in heroic backpack/cape combos. They are such fantastic gifts for our little geeks for several reasons. One, of course, is to encourage and cultivate a love for geeky wonder in our children.

Another is to give our kids a nice, healthy ego boost.

As a great man once said:

For to dream of being a superhero is human. While dreaming of being our OWN superhero is divine.

The Importance of Being Our OWN Superheroes

SuperMEAll of us, geeky parents and kids alike, often wish we were Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Wolverine or (for those wonderfully entrenched in Lantern lore) Star Sapphire. Because what could possibly be better than harnessing the classic powers of our all-time favorite heroes?

I’ll tell you what would be better: if we were our own, unique, one-of-a-kind heroes. If we were just us, but with extraordinary powers.

This is a sentiment that’s not only true (come on, how many of us haven’t thought obsessively about what powers we’d most like to have, what name we’d give ourselves, or what kind of costume we’d proudly don?), it’s also healthy.

While wishing to be someone else is a kind of negativity to our own self-esteem. But wishing we could be the best possible version of ourselves…that’s a dream we should happily and readily impart to our little geeks.

And one way we can begin to do that is by picking up one of SuperME’s amazing, wonderful, fantastic, terrific backpacks/capes.

SuperME’s Not-So Secret Origin

BackpacksIt didn’t go unnoticed that super moms Daphne Kaufer and Rena Stern‘s kids loved to dress up for all occasions. Nor did it pass her by when Daphne’s boy asked her to buy him a superhero backpack. They both saw that their kids’ love of putting together unique outfits and pretending to have extraordinary powers was a perfectly wonderful instinct: it allowed them to express their individuality and creativity.

It didn’t take long, what with all this in-home market research, for the two to come up with SuperME. The company, led by these two heroes, creates backpacks, capes, hoodies and masks with the intention of allowing kids to be proud of who they are by celebrating the best versions of themselves.

To that I say: not only is this company and their products cool, but they’re downright inspiring.

To check out the whole range of super schoolroom and playdate accessories they offer, be SURE to hit up their website’s catalog here.

But for those who need a bit more incentive to click that link, let’s talk about what these special backpacks have to offer.

What Makes the SuperME Cape Backpack So Heroriffic?

First of all, let me just say this: the backpacks are totally functional as backpacks. I say this because so many of these kinds of products aren’t very practical. They hope that your love for Batman or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will outweigh your need for a real, honest-to-goodness portable storage unit.

Discover Other Super Geeky Backpacks That We Love!

Well, with a sturdy construction, interior mesh pockets for organization, adjustable straps, a decent-sized interior, and even a reflective tag on the exterior for sidewalk-trekking safety, these backpacks are more than practical.

They’re also really freaking cool.

A discrete inner pocket hides your little’s geek’s superhero cape, another one houses their very own mask, and the shield badges on the front of the pack are totally customizable.

This is has got to be just about the best backpack for little superheroes with school-aged secret identities.

Some of the cape backpacks styles SuperME has to offer include

Girls’ Urbanista Cape Backpack

Urbanista Girls

Boys’ Classic Superhero Cape Backpack

Classic Boys

Boys’ Ninja Cape Backpack

Ninja Boys

Girls’ Bubblicious Cape Backpack

Bubblicious Girls

Girls’ Zebra Cape Backpack

Zebra Girls

Boys’ Safari Cape Backpack

Safari Boys

Naturalist Cape Backpack


Are these not the coolest schoolroom accessories for your little geeks? Yeah, the wacky-cool backpacks we wrote about earlier are definitely awesome, but these SuperME treasures are more than just little bits of hero-worship.

These, friends and neighbors, are hero-making.

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