Make Your Kid’s Dreams Come True with the Super Mario Ride-On Kart!

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Super Mario Ride-On Kart

There’s no doubt your kids have grown up with Mario. Mario games are some of the finest games ever created, and from Super Mario, to Mario Kart, to Smash Bros, the Italian plumber and his buddies have entertained us for generations.

And while playing video games can be a whole lot of fun, acting them out in real life is a pretty good time too! Thanks to the new, officially licensed Super Mario Ride-On Kart, your kid can take Mario Kart off the screen and into your neighborhood streets!

The Super Mario Ride-On Kart will allow your youngster to race against Yoshi, Toad, Princess Peach, and others…provided you can locate them. Otherwise, your kid can challenge other neighborhood toddlers as he scoots along at a blazin’ 3 miles per hour (maximum speed). Banana peels, turtle shells, stars, and mushrooms are not included.

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The Super Mario Ride-On Kart weighs a manageable 40 pounds, and is incredibly easy to set up. The vehicle features a 6-volt battery and has easy-to-use controls that your youngster can figure out without much effort.

The kart also features  sounds and effects that emulate the video game, giving your kiddo the full Mario Kart video game experience, albeit at a much lower rate of speed than 150cc. For a toddler, this is definitely the closest thing to Mario Kart in real life.

If you want your kid to be the envy of the neighborhood, there really isn’t any cooler toy than the Super Mario Ride-On Kart, which will provide hours of entertainment this summer. If you have a few kids, why not get them all their own karts and have some good ol’ fashioned 3 miles per hour races? There’s nothing quite like sibling rivalry, after all.

If you think the Super Mario Ride-On Kart would be a welcome addition to your family’s arsenal of toys, you can check it out on Amazon today!

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