Why You Should Play the Super Mario Memory Game With Your Kid

super mario memory cards

Excelling in STEM subjects is crucial to any Geek’s development. And as a parent, there are loads of fun activities we can do together with our little Geeks to help instill confidence and excitement in STEM fields.

Whether it’s GoldiBlox for your little girl or programming a BioLoid robot with your little boy, the options available to us as parents in this geeky day and age are far greater than the tools our parents had to work with.

But what about a gender neutral tool that accomplishes brain development AND geeky love? Enter: Memory.

WHAT? I know what you’re thinking. Playing memory with my kid is going to make them brilliant engineers? Well, yeah… Sorta.

Memory games help children organize and compartmentalize information. By organizing and storing information, they can then exercise it at a later point in time to facilitate in problem solving (for more info, see this brief article).

And if your little Geek can remember patterns, those patterns can be applied in all sorts of problem solving… From developing the backend for the next FaceBook, to building the world’s biggest bridge, to… well, just about anything!

How to Introduce and Have Fun With Memory Games

Remember this? (ignore the fact that the narrator’s cheating)

Nintendo had it right back in the day.

Incorporate mind games with stomping Goombas? You get the best of all worlds: Exercising your mind and your desire to smash things.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has long abandoned the mind riddle aspects of their games in favor of, well, just stomping Goombas.

How do you get it back?

Enter: Super Mario Memory

super mario memory challenge game

That’s right. There’s a Super Mario Memory game.

And while it isn’t as thrilling as the in-game memory from the NES days, it’s about as exciting as a game of Memory can get:

There are Power-Up Mushrooms, Coins, Stars & all the best Mario characters… All those special cards give you special abilities to make the game more interesting and… well, that’s about it. It’s memory.

This video does its best attempt at making the game thrilling…

But Here’s How YOU Can Make it Even MORE Exciting

OK. Yeah. I know.

It’s memory.

Even with this great array of Mario cards & features, there’s only so much fun that can be had for so long.

But how about incorporating it into whatever Mario World your little Geek is currently exploring? 20 minutes on the game for 10 minutes of memory games.

This solution’s even a little better than Nintendo’s ancient brilliant move of combining Memory with Mario: Not only does your little Geek get to smash Goombas and exercise their mind, but you get to join them in doing it.

And that’s what it’s all about, right?

You can learn more about the Super Mario Memory game at Amazon.com.

And before you move on, here’s one great Mario memory for the road…

super mario select the star mushroom or flower

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