Geek Out with The Super Book for Super-Heroes!

Super book headerThe Super Book for Super-Heroes is an enormously fun book about creating super-powered characters that the whole geeky family will enjoy!

In a previous Geeks Raising Geeks article, we talked about how you can raise your kid to become a superhero. We walked you through some tips and hints and steps and suggestions (introducing them to tech gadgets, developing their natural super talents and even becoming their sidekicks), but we did not talk about the phenomenal Super Book for Super-Heroes by artist/author Jason Ford.

Why? Because I hadn’t heard of it yet!

But now that I have, I must say that this is an absolutely indispensable tool for raising your little geeks into truly super heroes.

And even if that isn’t your main objective (*he types, as he somehow infuses a nasal snort with pure sarcasm*), going through the Super Book is a fantastically fun way to spend several Sunday afternoons with the kiddos.

What Kind of Stuff’s in The Super Book for Super-Heroes?

super carThis is a rare book in that offers SO MUCH that we’d like our little geeks to develop and experience. There’s reading involved, coloring, creating, imagining, drawing, sharing and oodles of just good ol’ fun.

utility beltOkay, that was a little vague. What you really want to know are the specifics, right?

The book opens with a message from Ford, saying that if you want to draw/create superheroes who battle supervillains and save the world, “all you need are some pencils and pens and your very own super power… YOUR IMAGINATION!”

And then it’s off to the races, ladies and germs.

Just by taking a look at the few pictures I’ve included here, you get a sense of just how fun and interactive this book is. Some of the many, many, MANY activities found in its pages include:

  • Creating your own Superhero Mask
  • Coloring your own Superhero Car
  • Designing your own Superhero Hideout
  • Putting together your very own Superhero Comic Strip (complete with awesome stickers)

And oh so much more.

This could very easily have been a super popular book (*pun totally intended*) at only thirty or so pages, but Ford put enough time and imaginative mastery into The Super Book for Super-Heroes to give us 128 PAGES of super Sunday fun (*again, intended*).

Why You Need to Make the Effort

super stickersThis isn’t just a quick hour-long craft session, this is a book you can spend a whole lot of time on with your little geeks. Perhaps even working alongside them with your very own copy of the book? Yeah, I think that sounds like a plan.

So often these days (*cue the soap box intro music*), families find themselves distanced from one another. Even if they’re all in the same house, the same room, there’s a distance between people in the shape of TV screens, computer screens, tablet screens and phone screens. We miss out on a lot of family connection by getting lost in our own digital worlds.

There are a TON of ways to re-connect, though–like playing old-school board games or going on geeky family road trips or having a blast with this awesome book. But you have to make the effort.

super maskYou have to make the effort.

And it’s important that you do. What our kids learn from us plays a huge part in who they later become. If all they learn is that getting sucked into the world of apps and social media is the best way to spend their time, then guess what, that’s probably how they’ll behave in the years to come.

I’m not saying that the digital world is evil (Holy cow, no! I mean, I’d be really sad if I was the only one reading this article!), but just that you need to balance screen-time and face-time responsibly. You need to make the opportunity to really BE WITH your little geeks. To pass on lessons and stories and victories and laughter.

You have to make the effort.

And, friends and neighbors, Jason Ford’s The Super Book for Super-Heroes is a positively brilliant reason to do so.

Crave it? GET IT!

Does this sound like the kind of face-time activity you’d like to do with your kids? What are your favorite things to do as a family that require honest-to-goodness human connection? I need some ideas for when we finish this book!

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