Sudoku Toilet Paper – The Bathroom will Never be the Same


Sudoku Toilet Paper

As we mentioned when discussing the Potty Piano the other day, people love to spend leisure time in the bathroom. Using the restroom is an experience to be cherished; contrary to popular belief, it is not a time to perform your bodily functions and hastily go back to your day.

No, the restroom is a sacred place where we all get a few minutes to pause and take some quality “me-time.” There are a lot of ways you can relax and recharge while you’re in the restroom. And many people like to spend time on the porcelain throne playing Sudoku. But who wants to have to bring a newspaper into the bathroom? Why deal with a big, bulky paper when there’s a much easier, much more efficient solution waiting for you?

Worry not, because the future is here. There is now Sudoku Toilet Paper to make your time in the bathroom more fun than ever!

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That’s right – you and your family can now solve Sudoku puzzles on the john with a product that also doubles as, well, toilet paper. You can solve a Sudoku, feel great about your intellect, and then flush your successes down the drain after a sanitary wipe or two.

Plus, think about your kids. You want them to excel in mathematics and in logic. Right now, they probably spend most of their toilet time playing on their cell phones or listening to music. Why not change their habits and help them learn valuable skills while they relieve themselves?

Your whole family and all of your guests are guaranteed to get a huge kick out of Sudoku toilet paper. The bathroom will become one of the biggest hits in your whole home…and we think that could be a good thing…?

In any case, the Sudoku toilet paper is sure to be a hilarious and fun addition to your house. Just make sure if you try to complete the puzzles BEFORE you wipe! Otherwise, you’ll have more problems to solve than just a number puzzle.

You can buy the Sudoku Toilet Paper on Amazon for just $13.67. Check it out here!

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