New Street Fighter Chess Set: Sonic Booming with Your Wits

SF set 1Hadouken! With the uber-fantastic Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set, you can cherish the memories of your favorite video game characters, while introducing your little geeks to the world’s oldest, most intelligent board game.

Introducing the Beautiful, 25th Anniversary Street Fighter Chess Set

SF set 4The chess set is absolutely gorgeous. Even if it didn’t feature characters and logos from one of history’s most beloved fighting video games, I still might be tempted to throw down some cash for this stunning board.

The board is an 18″ x 18″ piece of fancy craftsmanship, made with smoked and sandblasted glass. Each of the pieces has its own individual protective storage slot beneath the board, too, for easy transport and defense against the disappearance of pieces, which is the bane of every board-gamer’s existence. (Well, that and the possibility of running out of Mountain Dew before the end of the game…)

And speaking of the pieces… HOLY COW! They’re amazing!

SF set 2Based on the characters from the games, the pieces are sculpted into two teams, two factions, your basic “good versus evil.” Ryu and M. Bison are the opposing kings and they’ve got a whole fantastic slew of butt-kicking cohorts.

  • Kings — Ryu and M. Bison
  • Queens — Chun-Li and Juri
  • Bishops — Ken, Guile, Balrog and Vega
  • Knights — E. Honda, Blanka, Rolento and Akuma
  • Rooks — Dhalsim, Zangief, Sagat and Seth

The pawns for Ryu’s side are molded after his raised fist, while M. Bison’s disposable crew are crafted as winged skulls, because, well, of course they are.

The pieces are silver and pewter-colored resin constructions and feature small icons sculpted into the front and back of their pedestals, telling you which traditional chess pieces they corresponds to.

How to Get Your Own Street Fighter Chess Set

SF IIYou have to fight Ryu for it!

Just kidding. You can buy it.

But there were only 5,000 individually numbered Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Sets made, so if you’re as stoked as I am by the possibility of moving your “raised fist” to “M. Bison 5” and knocking out “Balrog” in the process, you better jump on it!

Right now, you can buy the set at Amazon for $99.98. But do hurry! The site says there are only 9 left!!!

Is this something you’re excited about? What other awesome video games or cartoon series would you like to see sculpted into a beautiful chess set? He-Man, anyone???

Just please, please, please, don’t let your little geeks EVER bear witness to the atrocious bit of cinematic inhumanity known as the live-action adaptation of Street Fighter. Please.

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