This Geek is Nuts: Let Steve Casino Inspire Your Artistic Geeky Family!

header 2Artist Steve Casino has gone nutty. He’s taken peanut shells and colors (and small wood carvings for some appendages and hair) and created some of the most fantastically, wonderfully, magnificently geeky 3D paintings in the history of the galaxy.

Or maybe they’re sculptures.

Or sculptured paintings.

Or… Okay, you know what? I doesn’t matter what kind of label you throw at them, the fact remains that these nut-tastic creations are unimpeachably AWESOME.

Take a look for yourself!

My Favorite Steve Casino Creations


Batman & RobinBatman

Bride of Frankenstein (with Groom)Bride

Bruce LeeBruce

The Creature From the Black Lagoon (with Pretty Victim)Creature

Captain Jack Sparrow (with LOTS of Tuna)Jack

Dr. WhoWho

Edgar Allen PoePoe

Spider-Man & Doctor OctopusSpidey

George Takei’s SuluSulu



Wonder WomanWW

Let Steve Casino Be Your Geeky Spirit Animal

What does this crazy-awesome geekery teach us? That you can have fun with your kids with just about any materials.

Neither you nor your little geeks may have the same amount of awesome artistic ability as Mr. Casino, but I bet he didn’t create a master-work on his first try. The point is to get out there and play!

If you love the self-styled Painter of Nuts’ art but don’t think you’re ready to give that particular activity a try, check out these other awesome ways to spend a Sunday afternoon with your little geeks:

Because whether you’re creating nutty-awesome art like Steve Casino or getting your parental tooshy kicked in a game of Operation, as long as you’re spending face-to-face time with your little geeks, the world will be a happier place.

I honestly believe that, too! Happiness is infectious–perhaps one of the only good things in the world that is. So don’t bottle it up behind your tablet or smartphone.

Go have some peanutty-good fun with the whole geeky fam!

(And definitely be sure to check out his website and Facebook page, where all of these awesome pics came from!)

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