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Star Wars Electric Guitars

The music we listen to today may be a little different than what Luke Skywalker and Co. listened to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but that doesn’t mean that Star Wars shouldn’t be a part of contemporary music. Well, now you can¬†really combine Star Wars and music in a way like never before with the epic Darth Vader Guitar and C3PO Guitar from Etsy’s Rainy Day Instruments.

Teaching your kids how to play a musical instrument is a great idea, and something that they will likely thank you for later in life. Learning an instrument is much easier in a child’s formative years, so now is the prime time to give your little geeks some musical knowledge. But why bother with boring instruments like the piano when you can teach your kids how to shred the guitar…with C3PO and Darth Vader!?

Even if your kids aren’t naturally drawn to music, chances are they love the sheer volume and excitement of an electric guitar. And if you’re raising them correctly, your kids better love Star Wars too. So, your kids can now learn the nuances of electric guitar by jamming with an instrument featuring an iconic Star Wars character. For the time being, Rainy Day Instruments offers only two Star Wars-themed guitars, but the two they do offer are simply incredible.

If the Darth Vader Guitar pictured above isn’t enough to convince you, check out the sweet C3PO model below.


Both of these incredibly out-of-this-world guitars are fully functional, playable electric guitars, handcrafted by an expert instrument maker. The sound quality is exactly what you’d expect for a guitar in this price range, making it a perfect choice for all beginner-to-intermediate guitar players. The products’ looks are rivaled only by their performance; Rainy Day Instruments has seamlessly blended art and music here.

In addition to looking awesome and playing great, these guitars support good practices as well. All of Rainy Day Instruments’ products are made of 100% recycled instrument parts and antique art, making sure that nothing goes to waste¬†during production.

These guitars are incredibly unique, handcrafted, and made-to-order, so availability is somewhat limited. But you can definitely ensure that your kid won’t have the same guitar as his buddies when he is ready for his first band practice in your garage.

We are really excited about these guitars and you (and your kids) should be too! From a galaxy far, far away to the comfort of your home, you can now rock out with Darth Vader and C3PO.

Check out the awesome Darth Vader and C3PO Guitars here!

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