Best Star Wars Christmas Decorations for Geeky Families

Yoda Lights 2Deck the halls with boughs of Star Wars holly this Christmas!

Do you know how many awesome Star Wars-themed Christmas decorations are out there? A lot. I mean a LOT a lot. Seriously. In order to buy and use them all, you’d have to have as much moolah as the Emperor of the Galactic Empire and own as much real estate as the Death Star for displaying (and if that was the case, your geeky heirs would be quite well off).

Either way, I’m sure neither of us wants to be an evil emperor and at least one of us doesn’t want to raise our kids in a planet-destroying space station (I’m still internally debating over that one, truth be told…), so we get the unenviable task of picking and choosing which super-ridiculousy-wonderful Star Wars Christmas decorations we want.

But I’m here to help!

Below, I’ve chosen a handful of my favorite Star Wars Christmas decoration finds. There’s no doubt in my mind that you, your geeky spouse, and your little geeky kids will be over the moon (of Endor) for these picks!

May the Force be with you as you make your choices!

The Best Star Wars Christmas Decor Money Can Buy

String Lighting from the Light Side

Nothing declares to your neighbors that you’re down with the holiday spirit more than stringing up bright lights in and around your geeky abode.

Throughout the years, I’ve had my fair share of acquaintance with conservative white lights, jolly colorful ones, and pseudo-psychedelic blinking jobbers.

All are great, don’t get me wrong, but do any of those old standbys hold a candle (well, that’s a confusing metaphor…) to these Star Wars-themed super lights? No, sir or madam, they don’t!

So why not get your grubby little wookie mitts on these Yoda and R2D2 sets!

Yoda Holiday Lights ($22.49) from Think Geek

Yoda Lights

Kurt Adler R2D2 Light Set ($24.72) from Amazon

R2D2 Lights

These ARE the Nutcrackers You’re Looking For

Of all the winter holiday decorations I was searching in order to find some Star Wars goodness, never did I think of the time-honored nutcracker.

Never, that is, until is set my eyes on these Darth Vader and R2D2 crunchers!

Cracking nuts have will NEVER be so much fun as when you do it with these bad boys from a galaxy not so far, far away.

Kurt Adler Darth Vader Nutcracker ($28.05) from Amazon

Vader Nutcracker

R2D2 Nutcracker ($23.99) from Think Geek

R2D2 Nutcracker

Star Wars Tree Ornaments

We all know that Hallmark is the go-to destination for all things card-related, but did you know that they have one of the coolest collections of Christmas tree ornaments in the whole galaxy?

Well, you probably did… But if you didn’t, you do now!

Their collection stretches well beyond the Star Wars universe (any Marvel or DC comics fans out there?), but for our purposes, we’ll stick to ewoks, jedi, bounty hunters, and grotesquely fat crime lords. Check them out!

Jango Fett ($14.95)

Jango Fett

Lego Yoda ($14.95)

Lego Yoda

Ewoks – Wicket at Teebo ($17.95)


Jabba the Hut – “At Jabba’s Mercy” ($32.95)


All Terrain Scout Transport, or AT-ST ($29.95)


Jedi/Sith Lawn Decorations

Everybody loves garden gnomes (for whatever reason, I’ve been obsessed with them since I was a wee lad) and almost everybody loves zombie garden gnomes (I mean, come on!), but they really aren’t appropriate for the front yard of a Christmastime geek family.

But you know what are totally appropriate? Star Wars lawn decorations!

Check out these stand-up and inflatable Yodas and Darth Vaders from Home Depot:

3.5-foot Airblown Lighted Yoda ($67.64)

Air Yoda

3.5-foot Airblown Lighted Darth Vader ($65.00)

Air Vader

A New Hope for Other Christmas Goodies

Oh, you thought that was all? No way!

There’s so much more Star Wars wonderment to behold for your Christmas decorating desires! We’re talking stockings, advent calendars, tabletop statuettes, and more!

Check out just a handful of the amazing yuletide offerings available:

Star Wars Darth Vader Stocking ($30) from ChristmasCreate on Etsy

 darth vader stocking

Kurt Adler Yoda Jedi Advent Calendar ($39.99) from


R2D2 Fabriche Santa ($42.99) from Amazon

 R2D2 Tablepiece

Boba Fett Stocking ($30.00) from ColieIsAMonsta at Etsy

boba fett stocking

17-inch Plush Yoda Santa Hat ($7.95) from Amazon

Yoda Hat

If that’s not enough to show your geeky family, your neighbors, and the whole world that you love your Star Wars and you love your Christmas and those loves are NOT mutually exclusive, then I don’t know what to tell you.

But trust me, your little ones are going to flip for any one of these Star Wars Christmastime treasures.

I just hope they don’t flip to the Dark Side…

Yeah, that would be a bad flip.

Do you have Star Wars decorations up at your house? What kind? Send pictures and share with the class!!!

Merry Force

(Photo via GeekTyrant)

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