Boldly Go (to Sleep) with this Star Trek Projection Clock!

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Looking for a new bedside alarm clock? How about one shaped like the USS Enterprise? With sounds from the original Star Trek series? With a time projector?!

With this other-worldly-awesome Star Trek Enterprise Projection Alarm Clock, you and your little geeks can boldly go where no human has gone before (in dreams, anyway) without worrying about whether or not you’ll sleep through another alarm.

As far as practical benefits go, this officially licensed Star Trek clock from Think Geek offers a number of different alarm sounds to get you up and at ’em in the mornings. Choose from:

  • Red Alert Warning
  • Photon Torpedo Firing
  • Kirk Calling Down from the Bridge

Any one of which will penetrate your sleep-clogged ears and activate your geek sensors, allowing you to wake up quickly, alertly, and best of all happily.

But come on, the sounds (while totally awesome!) are most definitely not the main draw for this wicked cool bedroom accessory. It’s the projection!

Clock 1From atop the USS Enterprise’s primary hull, at the center of the very bridge itself, emanates a gloriously geeky light display of the time. You can adjust the clock so that the time is projected onto the wall or onto the ceiling.

Either way, boys and girls, we’re in geek heaven.

Here’s a rundown of some of this NCC-1701’s other features and specs:

  • Easy access to 5-minute snoozing
  • Runs on four LR44 button cell (which are included)
  • When alarms sounds, the nacelles light up (!)
  • There’s also a back-lit LCD time display on the ship’s secondary hull
  • Size — 9 inches x 4 inches

If you or your little geeks are in need of a new bedside clock (or you just want to trade out your current awesome one for a FAR MORE awesome one), then make it so with the Star Trek Enterprise Projection Alarm Clock!

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Crave it?

GET IT! At Amazon or ThinkGeek.

What kind of geeky alarm clocks do you all have? Any other fun Star Trek ones? How about Star Wars? How about anything?

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