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The Springfree Trampoline

Trampolines are an essential part of childhood. Almost all of us remember a favorite summer or two of our youth spent jumping around and playing games on a trampoline in the baking sun. Naturally, your kids will want to play on trampolines too, and you should encourage them to do so – it’s a great, easy form of exercise to counter the hours spent inside playing video games.

However, trampolines are also some of the most dangerous items for kids these days. Even if your kid isn’t a big risk-taker and doesn’t spend his or her time doing backflips, simply jumping on a trampoline can be a very risky activity that leads to plenty of injuries. Approximately 105,000 American children have to go to the hospital each year due to injuries sustained on traditional trampolines.

It’s not hard to see why – trampolines feature hard metal frames and unforgiving springs, which can become rusted, and even shoot off like deadly projectiles after they have worn down. 90% of trampoline-related injuries are due to these metal elements, which can so easily lead to broken bones, cracked teeth, and other serious injuries.

But let’s be honest – trampolines are not going away any time soon. As long as there are energetic children, there will be trampolines. So it’s a good thing, then, that one company has worked to make trampolines much safer for children everywhere – meet Springfree Trampolines.


Springfree recognized the need for a safer alternative to traditional trampolines, and decided to create a superior product. The company was started by a doctor and engineer who knew the statistics of trampoline injuries, and a way to design a trampoline that would reduce these injuries. Using a design that did away with conventional springs and steel bars, the first Springfree Trampoline debuted several years ago, and the product has only improved since.

Many trampoline injuries are caused by jumpers landing on the unforgiving metal frame – so Springfree made the bold choice of putting the frame below the jumping surface, where no human will ever come in contact with it. The jumping area is connected to the frame not with those terrifying springs, but instead with flexible composite rods. These rods give the Springfree Trampoline the same amount of bounce and fun as a traditional trampoline, without the risk of your kids colliding with hard metal poles.

Springfree Trampolines also come with an enclosed net that prevents jumpers from flying off of the trampoline, which is another easy way to get injured. Many traditional trampolines employ a similar net system; however, these systems generally also involve large steel poles that can cause serious injury. Instead of these dangerous poles, Springfree uses flexible net rods that give a little when a jumper hits them, instead of staying rigid and causing injury. Nonetheless, the net here easily keeps your kids on the jumping surface and prevents them from careening off into your yard.

Traditional trampolines also come up short in regards to padding. The padding that covers the springs on most trampolines tends to quickly degrade, and loses the majority of its shock absorbency after just a few impacts. On the other hand, Springfree utilizes their signature SoftEdge mat, which provides more than 30 times as much shock absorption as traditional trampoline padding. This material is guaranteed to stay strong and protective even after repeated impacts. Check out these trampolines in action in the video below.

While it is a certainty that Springfree Trampolines are incredibly safe, what is equally impressive is how incredibly durable these trampolines are. Springfree products are guaranteed to withstand weather in all seasons, and have stood up in tests in which they faced 5,000 hours of harsh sunlight. The company guarantees that their materials won’t deteriorate after repeated use and through all four seasons, keeping your kids protected for as long as they wish to jump. The trampolines have also been tested through several million bounces, and found to hold up just fine.

Of course, there are some limits to what the Springfree Trampoline can withstand. The 11-foot Square Model and other comparably sized trampolines can withstand 1100 pounds maximum, and the company recommends that no jumper exceed 250 pounds.

Springfree Trampolines come in six different models and sizes, from small circular trampolines to large square trampolines, so there is a size that can accommodate the needs of every family. While the trampolines are somewhat pricey, they all come with a basketball hoop and ladder thrown in, to make things even more fun and easy. Plus, despite a price tag higher than most trampolines, a Springfree Trampoline is still a hell of a lot cheaper than a visit to the emergency room!

So, make the switch and let your kids jump safely today! You can see the full line of Springfree Trampolines here

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