Building Your Own Galaxy Review: Helping Kids Create Geeky Lego-verses

If your little geeks have seen The Lego Movie (which they totally should have by now–it’s so good!), ¬†then I bet they’ve been begging you for their very own Lego collection. That business is BOOMING right now! So why not relent? Do it! And when you do, be sure to pick up Building Your Own […]

Best 12 Graphic Novels for Budding Girl Geeks

If your little girl looks to be becoming as big a geek as you are, perhaps it’s time to introduce her to the wonderful world of graphic novels. And here’s 12 books she won’t be able to put down! Before we begin, though, a brief (ish) disclaimer: these books are not “just for girls.” Nor […]

Geek Out with The Super Book for Super-Heroes!

The Super Book for Super-Heroes is an enormously fun book about creating super-powered characters that the whole geeky family will enjoy! In a previous Geeks Raising Geeks article, we talked about how you can raise your kid to become a superhero. We walked you through some tips and hints and steps and suggestions (introducing them […]

4 Lightsaber Combat Training Academies for the Whole Geeky Family

Are you and your little geeks super Star Wars fans? Of course you are. Do you all kinda wish you were Jedi Knights? Of course you do. Barring becoming official members of the Force-wielding rebellion, do you at least daydream of being able to duel someone with a lightsaber? Of COURSE¬†you do. Well, now you […]

Top 12 Destinations for Geeky Family Road Trips

Thinking about taking the whole family on the geekiest road trip known to mankind? Then check out these must-see destinations for geeks of Science, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Comic Books! You know the feeling: sitting on the couch or around the fireplace as a family, watching old Firefly and Star Trek episodes or reading your favorite […]

The Geeky Parents’ Guide to Raising a Superhero

Want your little geek to grow up to be a superhero? Of course you do! So here are a few tips and hints for making that dream come true! For as long as I can remember (and this includes during coffee this morning), I’ve always wanted to be a superhero. I didn’t necessarily need the […]

Best 8 Self-Published Picture Books for Geeky Kids

Give masterful, self-published children’s literature authors the credit they rightfully deserve by checking out my list of the top 8 picture books by independent creators! Why Buy Self-Published Kids’ Books??? We all know the importance of buying farm-fresh veggies and supporting local retail stores, but supporting independent artists is still a bit outside the mainstream. […]

5 Awesome Nighttime Activities for Geeky Families

Scrambling for things to do at home during the wintertime, when the sun sets so dang early? Well, here’s a list of my top 5 nighttime activities for every geek in the family to enjoy! The days are only now starting to get longer, and hanging out with the family after work when it’s dark […]

Best Geeky Stocking Stuffers from

If I reminded you that Christmas was just around the corner, would you smack me for stating the obvious? Probably. And I probably wouldn’t blame you. No doubt you already have an idea of what kinds of BIG presents you’re giving your kids (or maybe you’ve already bought them, you crazy go-getter you!), but what […]

SuperME’s Super Wonderful Cape Backpacks

SuperME is a company that specializes in heroic backpack/cape combos. They are such fantastic gifts for our little geeks for several reasons. One, of course, is to encourage and cultivate a love for geeky wonder in our children. Another is to give our kids a nice, healthy ego boost. As a great man once said: […]