Rejoice: RocketSkates are Here!


A concept once left to the wild imagination of children’s cartoons and science fiction flicks is now a complete reality. Meet RocketSkates, the new, Kickstarted-funded innovation from California company Acton, Inc.

Acton began the process towards making these wacky, wearable wheels a reality by setting a goal of $50,000 on the popular crowdfunding site, and easily hit their target, raising $550,725 (a casual 11x their goal). Apparently, a whole lot of people wanted to see RocketSkates come into existence. And now is the time to rejoice, because RocketSkates are officially here, thrilling geeks and tech junkies across America.

What are RocketSkates?

Contrary to what you’re probably thinking, RocketSkates do not come equipped with actual rockets, fireworks, or other incendiary devices to get their power, which is definitely a good thing. The skates are use twin motors on the outer rims of the wheels, much like Segways – which is a lot safer than using pyrotechnics.

Also in the vein of Segways, the RocketSkates are controlled by your movements, and there is no need for a remote control. You stagger your feet a little bit, like surfing or snowboarding, and lean forward on your toes to make them go forward. If you need to brake, you tilt back on your heels. Think of RocketSkates as those Heely shoes you had as a kid, but with a little more oomph and a steeper learning curve.

RocketSkates ain’t the same as the footwear gadgets of yesteryear, though. These babies can get going up til 12 mph when used correctly, and can sync with your smartphone (if you download Acton’s app) to track your movements, help you complete challenges against your friends, and much more.

Check out RocketSkates in action in the KickStarter video below:

Pretty awesome, right? Before you get too excited though, initial reports confirm that RocketSkates could still use a few improvements. Apparently the design allows for you to occasionally catch your toes and faceplant, but again, a lot of this might be due to the learning curve.

In any case, RocketSkates are a very novel development, and we imagine that they’ll be refined for future models. Whether you get a pair now or not, we can all agree that this product spells exciting things for the future.

Check out the full specs on RocketSkates here!

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