RC Pac-Man Chasers Will Provide Geeky Kids With 30 Minutes of Fun!

kids playing with rc pacman chasers

Scenario 1: Two little geeks, chasing each other through the house, causing a wild rumpus and wrecking havoc throughout.

Scenario 2: Two little geeks, sitting on the floor, engaged in an epic chasing match of Pac-Man vs Blinky… Except this chase isn’t on the silver screen. Oh, no. It’s instead on your floor.

That’s right. These super cool RC Pac-Man Chasers allows your kids to chase each other in a non-violent, away-from-the-television kinda way.

Playing Field Leveled for Pac-Man vs Blinky

rc pacman chasers up close

Unlike the arcade version, the RC version levels the playing field. Pac-Man can no longer gobble up his arch nemesis just because he’s faster.

So no matter which kid gets Blinky and which kiddo gets our favorite yellow and black gobbler, both will have an equal shot to win the race.

Now, now… I hear what you’re saying: But really, my kids won’t play with this for more than thirty minutes. Tops.

And I agree.

No possible way any of our little geeks will enjoy chasing each other with remote controlled Pac-Mans and Blinkies for more than a quick spin.

But — By giving them the gift of Pac-Man, you are opening their eyes to a whole new world: The world of 8-bit video games.

Getting our little geeks to play and enjoy 8-bit, retro style video games is increasingly more and more challenging. While 2D, flat screen scrollers have somewhat returned thanks to the iPad, these games just can’t compete with the graphics and engagement and multi-player awesomeness of modern day systems.

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Still, a Pac-Man battle royale across your living room floor is a step in the right direction for introducing 8-Bit video games to your little geeks. Another great step you can take is buying these classic video game controller Christmas tree ornaments.

How to Get MORE Out of the Pac-Man RC Chasers

Here are a few fun, creative ways to extend the joy of these RC chasers from 30 minutes to… 45 minutes:

  1. If your daughter wants to be Pac-Man but objects to the fact that there is no Ms. Pac-Man, buy this Ms. Pac Man Hairbow and glue it onto the RC Pac-Man
  2. Take this opportunity to get your kids eating more fruit: Place strawberries, oranges, melons, apples and cherries around the room. Once Pac-Man gets to the fruit, the kids must get up, run and eat the fruit as fast as possible. Whenever they finish eating, they can run back and continue the chase. This gives Blinky a chance to win, or Pac-Man a chance to get a faster headstart.
  3. … We’re out of ideas. Hey, it’s a novelty gift.

If you’re interested in getting an RC Pac-Man Chaser for your little geeks to terrorize the house with and provide you with a (relatively) calm 30 minutes, you can buy the Pac-Man RC Chasers here.

Just be prepared that in 30 minutes or less, they’ll be approaching you saying, “I’m bored.”

How long do you think these RC Chasers would last your kiddos before they are bored and done with them?

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