Upgrade Your Kid’s Toys with the RC Hovering Jump Jet

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There are few likes kids love more than cool vehicles. Kids always have and always will love things that move around and make a lot of noise – and helicopters and airplanes are two things that are very good at performing those actions.

But how cool would a kid’s today be if it were to combine both a helicopter AND an airplane!? Well, now you can find out thanks to the new RC Hovering Jump Jet from Hammacher Schlemmer!

RC Hovering Jump Jet

While most remote control airplanes and helicopters function in a boring, traditional way, this product combines propellers with an airplane design to work somewhat like a high-tech drone – and for much, much cheaper. Plus, you wouldn’t want your kids to mess around with a drone, lest they break something or get into trouble for espionage.

However, the RC Hovering Jump Jet can hover and move in all sorts of directions with great agility, much like a modern drone. This is accomplished via two pairs of vertical and horizontal stabilizers on either side of the fuselage, combined with a gyroscope at the plane’s center, which allows it to hover in place.

The change in direction and altitude is made possible from the four inside propellers, which are controlled by an anti-interference 2.4 GHz controller. The jet can ascend to over 100 feet in the air, and can move forwards, backwards, up, down, and it can rotate in a circle. Of course, it can also not move at all, hovering vigilantly in the air.

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This jet is unlike any other remote controlled toy that your children have, and it would be a welcome addition to any child’s toy collection.

If you think your kiddo would love to pilot the RC Hovering Jump Jet through the skies of your house or neighborhood, you can purchase this awesome product on Hammacher Schlemmer.

Here’s hoping that your kid is a good enough pilot to avoid the a bumpy flight into some of your fine China!

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