The Potty Piano will Liven up Your Bathroom


We all like to kill some time and relax while we’re sitting on the porcelain throne. Whether you fancy reading a book, doing sudoku puzzles, or even responding to text messages and emails, many of us like to kick back and take our sweet time while we’re on the toilet.

However, what most of us do NOT do while using the bathroom is make music. Well, thanks to the Potty Piano from Big Mouth Toys, now you can!

The Potty Piano

That’s right, now you can compose music while you drop the kids off at the pool. The Potty Piano allows you to make your own symphony while you drown out the noises from less pleasant symphonies that are prone to happening in the restroom.

With this awesome new toy, your kids will have more fun than ever in the bathroom, whether they’re at the potty-training age or a little bit older. They will be able to “play” the potty piano just like a real piano, except with their feet.

You can, of course make original compositions with the Potty Piano, but that’s not all! If you want to make your movements just a little more mentally engaging, you can use the included song book to try to learn some classic piano ballads while you poo.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 4.50.15 PM

The Potty Piano features 13 keys and uses technology similar to all those Dance Dance Revolution games that your kids are probably plenty experienced with.

For just $16.50 on Amazon, the Potty Piano is one way to make your bathroom a lot more fun. This gadget is highly recommended for coaxing kids into potty training in a way that might just be a little more enjoyable.

Even if your kids are a little older, the whole family, as well as your guests, will get a kick out of this privy piano!

Check out the Potty Piano on Amazon here!

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