The Post Modern Skateboard Redefines Skateboarding

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Do you remember a few weeks ago when we discussed RocketSkates, the latest and greatest innovation in the world of wheeling around?

Well, we still love them, but the Kickstarter darlings might have a new, equally cool competitor in the brand new Post Modern Skateboard from Hammacher Schlemmer. Seriously, just check this awesome piece of technology out!

The Post Modern Skateboard

Just as the RocketSkates make roller skating look much, much cooler, the Post Modern Skateboard adds a lot of geeky sophistication to a sport that is usually not a favorite of geeky children. Now, your kids can get their skate on while sticking to their geeky guns. Nobody likes a sellout.

The Post Modern Skateboard is not a skateboard in the way you typically think of one. In fact, there isn’t even a board at all. Instead, this skateboard works with two separate rings, with a platform for one of your feet in each ring.

To move on the Post Modern Skateboard, a rider must lean side to side in a fashion similar to longboarding, making the board move forward in a serpentine motion. The wheels move around the platforms your feet rest on, and to brake, you can simply touch your toes down to the ground.

If this sounds difficult, it can be, if you are not accustomed to skateboarding already. However, if you’re worried about the learning curve, you can use the extendable rod that comes with the skateboard, which will provide you with additional stability while you learn the technique.

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Whether you wish to use the Post Modern Skateboard with the optional rod or not, this wheeled wonder provides several advantages over traditional skateboarding. Perhaps the most important detail is the fact that you will not have to constantly be pushing off the ground in order to get moving. Instead, you can just put your feet on the platforms, start twisting, and get rolling.

The Post Modern Skateboard can also take on terrain that regular skateboards cannot, as the wide, sturdy wheels allow you to travel on dirt and grass for short distances as well. The separation of the wheels also allows you to perform cool spins and slides that you cannot do with a traditional skateboard.

If you watch the demonstration of the Post Modern Skateboard on Hammacher Schlemmer’s website, you’ll see experienced riders effortlessly cruising around, making it look like a breeze, which we are pretty sure it is not.

But, if you want your geeky kids to pick up a cool, 21st-century hobby, the Post Modern Skateboard looks like a pretty cool piece of equipment. No word on if it will be in the X-Games anytime soon, though.

The Post Modern Skateboard is recommended for riders ages 8 and up, and will support a person up to 200 lbs.

If you think your kid (or yourself) would love the Post Modern Skateboard, you can get your own here!

Happy skating!

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