Top 6 Movies to Get You Through the Polar Vortex

empire 2Looking for a way to stop going nuts about the Polar Vortex raging outside your home? Check out these 6 movies that’ll cheer up the entire geeky family.

There’s not much that everyone can agree on these days. But there is our mutual hatred, bewilderment and general weariness of the… duh-duh-DUHHHH… Polar Vortex!

Seriously, this weather phenomenon is driving so many of our geeky families out of our minds! We want to go play in the snow, but it’s too dang cold and the ground is too slick with ice and the wind is a howling hurricane of chilly death-breath.

What can we do???

Well, the first step is to realize that there’s really nothing we can do (you know, aside from doing our part to stop disastrous climate change). The Polar Vortex will stick around as long as it wants.

The second step is to pop in a movie!

There are tons of flicks out there for the whole geeky family that can make the Polar Vortex seem not as bad. Whether that’s because it’s a disaster movie like The Day After Tomorrow, in which brave characters brave their way through a brave new world that’s tons worse than ours right now, or it’s Frozen, in which we happily sing along about the wonders of snow and ice and winter and magic.

So, take a breath, gather the geeky fam together, and pop in one of these awesome movies. (Or select it on Netflix. Or go to the cinema. Whatever works for you.)

6 Movies to Make the Geeky Family Feel Better About the Polar Vortex

6. The Empire Strikes Back

empireFirst of all, NO ONE EVER NEEDS AN EXCUSE TO WATCH THIS FILM. Arguably the best of the original Star Wars trilogy (although you can’t argue to me that it isn’t, because I just won’t listen to you), Empire features a giant-sized adventure on the ice planet Hoth that will make the winter wonderland outside your living room window look positively tame by comparison.

Because I’m pretty sure you don’t have a wampa cave in your backyard.

Or AT-AT Walkers cruising your neighborhood.

5. Happy Feet

happy feetOne of the happiest movies about living in an icy landscape, Happy Feet will warm your family’s hearts, even if you can’t feel your toes because the furnace went out again.

4. Groundhog Day

Groundhog dayWhat happened when Phil Connors got stuck in a nasty blizzard and was unable to get back home? He had to relive the same day over and over and over and OVER again. At least you can be sure (or at least reasonably sure) that that won’t happen to you or your little geeks.

And, by the way, ever wonder just how many times Phil really did relive that day? Here’s a What Culture article with one theory that just might blow your mind.

3. Ice Age

ice ageThe animals in Ice Age not only had to live in an environment that’s cold as a witch’s you-know-what, but they actually depended on it! And when the ice started melting, that was actually a cause for serious concern.

Think about that for a moment. There might be some critters outside your super cold window that are thriving out there.

Good for them. Good. For. Them.

2. Frozen

frozenThe latest offering from Disney Animation is this fairy tale about a magical little girl/woman who is able to control ice and snow and other cold stuff. She’s totally cool (pun intended) and sings super catchy songs, just like her sister.

Wanna get through the Polar Vortex in one piece? Take in this movie (or pop on the soundtrack at least, if you can’t get out to the theaters) and you’ll be smiling your way through spring and well into summer.

1. The Day After Tomorrow

day after tomorrowSeriously.

You think our Polar Vortex is bad? Look at THIS one.


What movies have you been watching to pass the chilly hours until the Polar Vortex goes back into hibernation (or the black hole of hell from whence it came or wherever)? I’m always looking for new additions to my queue!

(P.S. Please note that these movies are not in order of brilliance or loveability, but rather their relevance to getting us through the Polar vortex. Otherwise, they’d ALL be The Empire Strikes Back. Thank you.) 

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