Make Your House More Awesome with a Pirate Ship Playhouse

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Pirate Ship Playhouse

If your kids are big fans of Pirates of the Caribbean, or if you’re just looking for an awesome upgrade to your backyard or pool, it’s high time you considered getting yourself an epic, custom-made Pirate Ship Playhouse from Etsy’s Tiny Town Studios. Instead of having your kids fry their brains watching television and playing video games, with this awesome structure, your kids can instead run, jump, and even swim around their very own, life-sized pirate ship.

Tiny Town Studios offers custom projects for a starting rate of $1,000, and the Pirate Ship Playhouse is just one of the many designs the company has completed. Tiny Town will design your structure in any way you’d like – you can integrate it with your pool, make a treehouse out of your favorite tree, or just prop your playhouse up in your backyard. No matter which route you choose to go, one thing is for sure – your kids will absolutely love this.

While Tiny Town does offer fully custom projects, we frankly don’t understand why you wouldn’t go with an awesome pirate ship anyway. When integrated into a backyard pool, your kids can ride the high seas aboard their vessel, and then take a connected waterslide into the pool. Or perhaps they would prefer to use a rope swing or walk the plank into the depths below. It’s completely up to your design and your kids’ wishes!

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Other optional features on this Pirate Ship Playhouse include water cannons, pirate props, and even animated figurines. Of course, these are just suggestions, and you can customize your project to your heart’s content. You can make your creation as big and elaborate or as small and simple as you want, provided your plan meets the $1,000 minimum.

While the price on Tiny Town Studios’ projects can be somewhat high, these structures are guaranteed to provide years of entertainment for not only the kids, but the whole family. After all, what’s better for family bonding than spraying each other with water cannons and walking the plank?

If the Pirate Ship design in particular isn’t particularly appealing to you, we recommend checking out the rest of Tiny Town’s projects here. If none of these samples do it for you, though, send them a message and discuss your grand vision, and they will give you a quote and get it done.

So what are you waiting for? Spice up your backyard with one of these epic playhouses today!

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