Ozobot: The Ultimate Geeky Robot for Kids

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Ozobot: A Fun Robot that Teaches Kids Programming

If you want to give your little geeks a head start in the exciting world of programming and coding, a tiny new robot by the name of Ozobot is here to help. If your kids are tech-savvy, interested in computers, or just love to experiment with robotics, this new product is the perfect gift.

The Ozobot is unlike anything else out there right now, making programming and coding basics easy and fun to learn, in a way that resonates with children.

Children love learning, especially when the learning they are doing is fun and interesting. The Ozobot shows kids how to understand the cause and effect basics of programming by teaching them to guide this 1-inch-by-1-inch robot through different motions, actions, and lesson plans.

Using an easy to use system with color coding, your kids can program the Ozobot to perform over 500 actions, change colors, and move around, using either a smartphone, tablet, or even a piece of paper. Check out the Ozobot in action in the video below!

As you can see, the Ozobot is a pretty incredible piece of technology for just $100, and it will provide hours upon hours of education and entertainment for your kids. They will love the magic of being able to control a robot, and in the process, they will learn the basics of robotics and programming.

The Ozobot pairs with several smartphone apps to work optimally – OzoDraw, OzoLuck, OzoPath and OzoGroove. With these, you can draw routes, program actions, and even get the Ozobot to perform “dance moves” along to certain songs. The Ozobot can remember over 500 programmed actions at a time, recalling them when you give it certain commands.

In the high-tech world we live in, giving your kid a little bit of programming know-how so early in life would give him or her a major advantage over most of the other kiddos in the neighborhood.

If you think the Ozobot sounds like something your kid would love to learn and play with, you can purchase it on Amazon for just $100!

So, check out the Ozobot today! It will blow your mind!

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