Nike Air Back to the Future-Style Self-Lacing Sneakers Coming in 2015!

Nike MAGHail, fellow McFly fanatics! I’m here to tell you some very exciting news: Nike says we’ll be seeing a REAL pair of self-lacing sneakers, like the ones Marty wore in the Back to the Future series, hitting the shelves by 2015!


If that news alone is enough excitement for one day, then you have my permission to stop reading here and enjoy your very happy day, sharing the news with all your friends and blowing your little geek’s mind with it when you get home.

But if you want to know a bit more about this awesome insanity, read on for a fuller report.

Either way, it’s a good day to be a BTTF fan!

A Closer Look at Nike’s Upcoming Power-Lace Shoes

bttf shoesSo, first of all, you know what I’m talking about right?

In Back to the Future, Part 2, when Marty travels ahead in time with the Delorean to a future Hill Valley, he ends up getting outfitted by Doc Brown in a weird holographic rainbow hat, a super cool jacket with mechanized sleeves (which I so want to come out next) and a pair of Nike tennis shoes that lace and tighten themselves around his feet.

After the movie came out, all anyone could ever talk about was how they wanted a hover board. But since those seem to be a ways off (despite director Robert Zemeckis¬†lying to us about their existence after the film premiered….jerks), we’ll take what we can get.

Personally, I thought what we’d have to “take” was the reality of a Jaws 19. I really never thought we’d be getting the Nikes.

But it looks like we are!

Nike MAG 2How did it happen? Here’s a (very) brief timeline:

  • 2010 — Tech Crunch quietly informs the world that Nike is trying to patent a design for self-lacing kicks
  • 2011 — /Film, an awesome site featuring movie/TV news, reports that the 1,500 pairs of Nike Air MAGs, inspired by the movie’s sneakers, will be auctioned off on eBay to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation
  • 2014 — On Valentine’s Day, designer Tinker Hatfield says in an interview that we will see power laces on Nike sneakers next year!

Obviously, there are plenty of gaps here concerning design and testing and construction and availability and pricing, but I’m just happy enough to know that something Back to the Future prophesied about the future will actually come true!

So if you want to be the coolest parents in the entire world, think about picking up a pair of Nike self-lacing shoes next year for your little geeks. BEST. BIRTHDAY/HANUKKAH/CHRISTMAS. EVER!!!

Oh and by the way, in case you’d forgotten or didn’t know, Marty wore the sneakers in the year 2015 in the movie.

The future is now!

Are you at all excited about this news? Would you be willing to wait in line to get these new Nike shoes for yourself or your kids? How much would you pay? I’m curious!

jaws 19

(Note: photos are of the 2011 Nike MAGs and the Nikes from the film–no images of the new 2015 model yet.)

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