Does Your Kid have Night Terrors? Stop them with Lully!


Night terrors are a problem that many new parents have to deal with. One in five young children in America suffers from night terrors, which consist of frightening, middle of the night awakenings to feelings of impending doom and dread. Children between the ages of 3 and 12 are the most common sufferers of this frustrating sleep disorder.

New parents have a tough enough job as it is – even getting the kids to bed is a real challenge, and being roused in the dead of the night to a frightened child makes things even more difficult. If your kid suffers from night terrors, however, a new product called Lully will be a godsend for you!

Lully – Putting an End to Night Terrors

Lully is a product that comes from several years of scientific research into what causes night terrors, and how to eliminate them. The Lully system was carefully designed by a team of Stanford scientists, so you can trust that the designers know what they are doing.

The Lully works by sending gentle pulses through your child’s bed, lulling them into a peaceful sleep before night terrors have a chance to take hold. Since night terrors are known to¬†occur during the first few hours of stage 3-4 non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep. Arousal during this period of sleep, known as Delta Sleep, causes night terror sufferers to experience feelings of dread and terror.

So, the Lully’s solution is simple. By sending small, electronic pulses from a circular device you place below your child’s mattress, the Lully moves your kiddo into a safer stage of REM sleep, before night terrors can ever kick in.

Check out the video below:

While Lully is an incredibly effective tool for combatting night terrors, it doesn’t work overnight (no pun intended). The experts say it will take about 4 weeks of using Lully for a child’s sleep habits to evolve to the point where they are completely night terror free with Lully.

However, even from the onset, Lully claims to reduce night terrors by about 90%, which should still amount to an enormous improvement for beleaguered young parents.

In addition to the actual device you must place beneath your kid’s mattress, the Lully pairs with a smartphone app, which teaches you exactly how to use the product, and then allows you to remotely control it.


To make sure the Lully is doing its job, you must use the app for 3 minutes each night, and answer 4 easy questions about your child’s night terror habits and patterns, to enable the device to get its timing and effectiveness down perfectly.

Worried about your kid knowing the device is there? Don’t be. The Lully is incredibly quiet and is almost undetectable if you’re not expecting to feel it. Your child will be getting a better night’s sleep without even realizing he or she had assistance.

Due to the effectiveness of the Lully, the product is selling incredibly quickly. The company has already moved 95% of their initial units, and orders take 2-3 weeks presently. However, the Lully is still available for sale on the company’s website for the time being! I highly recommend checking it out today while supplies last.

So head over to Lully’s site and get your own system today! Having a child without night terrors will be a major win for the entire family, letting everyone fear the nighttime just a little bit less!

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