Nanoblock Motion Choro-Q: A Different Breed of Remote-Controlled Car

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You probably had a remote-controlled car or two as a child. Every kid loves to drive around a toy vehicle, ramming it into furniture, artwork, and the legs of adults.

But the remote-controlled cars you had as a kid could certainly not be controlled by your cell phone – mostly because you didn’t have one, but also because technology just was not at the incredible level it is today.

This unique children’s toy is guaranteed to amaze your geeky kids, teaching them about the workings of bluetooth technology and faux transportation at the same time! Not many other toys can combine two key concepts quite like that, right?

The Nanoblock Motion Choro-Q First Generation

The Japanese-made Nanoblock Motion Choro-Q First Generation combines two concepts that are incredibly popular in Japan – the Nanoblock design, where kids can build and customize their own creations, and remote-control cars, which…well you know how those work.

In this hybrid toy, your kid can learn how to build and customize his or her own road-ready, tiny car, and then they can let the wireless fun begin, by controlling the minuscule vehicle with a smartphone app.

The Nanoblock Motion Choro-Q app, which is available on both iPhone and Android, also comes complete with realistic engine noises, in addition to providing steering, acceleration, and breaks for the wireless vehicle.

This remote-controlled car is an ideal gift for younger children – provided that you can trust them to use a smartphone or tablet. With exciting new technology like this making children’s toys better and better all the time, it’s never been easier to get your geeky kids excited for what other innovations the future might hold for classics such as a remote-controlled vehicle.

If you want to learn more about the Nanoblock Motion Choro-Q First Generation, you can check it out on Japan Trend Shop here.

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