Best 7 Family Amusement Parks for Geeky Families

Don’t settle for any old amusement park. Check out our list of the best 7 family amusement parks for geeky families & make your trip an uber special one. Taking the Open Road to a New Destination of Fun It’s never too early to start planning an awesomely geeky summer vacation for the whole family. […]

In the Works: A Choose Your Own Adventure Movie!

Attention fellow geeks: a Choose Your Own Adventure movie is coming soon (ish) to a theater near you! “Wait, whaaaaaat?” That was my reaction upon reading a very similar headline. Choose Your Own Adventure? As a MOVIE? I was completely torn. Half of my brain wanted to throw an 80’s themed dance party in my […]

Best Star Wars Christmas Decorations for Geeky Families

Deck the halls with boughs of Star Wars holly this Christmas! Do you know how many awesome Star Wars-themed Christmas decorations are out there? A lot. I mean a LOT a lot. Seriously. In order to buy and use them all, you’d have to have as much moolah as the Emperor of the Galactic Empire […]

Best 11 Lego Sets from Super Hero & Fantasy Movies

Legos sure have come a long way since we were kids… Check out these 11 geeky lego sets inspired by Super Hero movies, Star Wars, Harry Potter & more! Let’s be honest: while Legos have always been beyond awesome, they were nowhere near as cool back when we were kids. Sure, every once in a […]

13 Classic Halloween Episodes to Scare (and Tickle) the Geeky Family

Halloween has got to be, far and away, one of the coolest holidays of the year. We get candy. We get to dress up in outrageous costumes without recrimination (unless you’re choosing to go out in public as a “sexy girl scout” because, come on, that’s just plain wrong). We get to dress our pets […]

How to Raise Your Kid to Be Like Westley of “The Princess Bride”

Do you want your child to be strong, courageous, dedicated & have a masterful wit? Then learn how to raise him or her to be like Westley of ‘The Princess Bride’. Oh, The Princess Bride, one of the most revered family movies of the 80s and a fantastic book for all ages. As described by […]

5 Fictional Characters Your Geeky Kids Should Admire & Emulate

It takes a while for kids to define themselves in school. They have to go through a variety of twists and turns in their personalities before discovering Who They Are. This is natural. This is not to be feared. (Though it probably IS to be watched…) When doing this, kids will often choose other people […]

Top 7 Worst Action Hero Role Models

Action movies are fun and their heroes are generally men and women we love to idolize. Their strength, integrity, nobility, courage, wisdom and general bad-assery are traits we wish we could harness. But not all action heroes and heroines are worthy role models for our children. In fact, some of them are downright awful. Before […]

How to Raise Your Kid to Be Like Indiana Jones

The fedora. The leather jacket. The travel-worn satchel. The bullwhip. The holy-freakin-grail. You know you’ve always wanted to be Indiana Jones, that archaeologist, professor, adventurer and heroic finder of lost antiquities. C’mon.  You know you did. And when you found yourself settling down to a life far less dangerous, though no less gratifying, you weren’t […]

Top 11 Worst Geeky Movie Sequels That You Should Never Show Your Kid

The year was 1999. My cousin and I were both wide-eyed, pimply high school Freshman, trying to figure out what to do with ourselves on a muggy Spring day in Manhattan. “I hear there’s some cool sci-fi movie out. Let’s go see it. AC, yo,” my cousin suggested. “What’s it called?” “Umm…”, he thumbed through […]