Take Your Family to the New Legoland Hotel!

Legoland Hotel Opens in Florida You now have another option for an awesome, geeky family trip. Legoland Florida, the largest Legoland in the world has recently added onto their theme park big time, most notably by opening up a 152-room Lego-themed hotel adjacent to the park in Winter Haven, Florida. Legos have long been some […]

Sleep Like a Jedi in the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag!

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag You all know the scene – an ailing, freezing Luke Skywalker is placed into the belly of a deceased Tauntaun by Han Solo to save the young Jedi from certain death in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Han’s quick thinking to place our hero into the literal belly of a beast to enhance […]

Make Your Kid the Envy of the Cafeteria with this R2-D2 Lunch Bag!

Kids these days can be incredibly judgmental. Modern day schoolchildren judge their peers on everything from their hair and glasses to their clothes and yes, even their lunch boxes and bags. So why not let your kid be the coolest geek in the elementary school cafeteria by hooking them up with this awesome R2-D2 lunch […]

Make Game of Thrones More Kid-Friendly with these Adorable Direwolf Puppies!

Game of Thrones, despite being an amazing show, isn’t exactly the most kid-friendly television around today. I’m not telling you how to raise you’re children, but I imagine most parents agree that a lot of the content in HBO’s critically acclaimed, fantasy masterpiece isn’t exactly suitable for impressionable young viewers. But that doesn’t mean that […]

Make Your House Magical with the Kymera Magic Wand Remote

Hopefully your family has a tradition like weekly movie night, a certain show you always watch together, or even a weekly sporting event that the whole family is invested in. Some of the best family time these days is truly spent enjoying each other’s company and finding a mutual interest in something on the television. […]

Bring Star Wars into Your Home with this Voice-Controlled R2-D2 Droid!

If you’re doing your best to raise your geeky children the right way, odds are that you’ve gotten them invested in Star Wars from a young age. After all, Star Wars is one of the most iconic geeky movie franchises of all time, and it is perfectly suitable for your young’ns. If you have kids […]

The Perfect Geeky Vacation: Star Wars Day at Sea

When trying to find a fun vacation for your geeky family, there are a lot of options. You could always go the easy route and do Orlando – there are enough theme parks to excite any nerd. You could go somewhere with a bunch of museums. You could do something like Legoland. OR…you could bring […]

How to Watch Cartoons Without Cable

No cable? No problem! Here are the best ways to watch cartoons without cable so you & your little geeks can enjoy Saturday morning cartoons together (or Monday, or Tuesday or… well, any day of the week!). Status: you and your little geeks want to watch cartoons. Problem: you don’t have cable. Question: what do […]

Top 6 Movies to Get You Through the Polar Vortex

Looking for a way to stop going nuts about the Polar Vortex raging outside your home? Check out these 6 movies that’ll cheer up the entire geeky family. There’s not much that everyone can agree on these days. But there is our mutual hatred, bewilderment and general weariness of the… duh-duh-DUHHHH… Polar Vortex! Seriously, this […]

Nike Air Back to the Future-Style Self-Lacing Sneakers Coming in 2015!

Hail, fellow McFly fanatics! I’m here to tell you some very exciting news: Nike says we’ll be seeing a REAL pair of self-lacing sneakers, like the ones Marty wore in the Back to the Future series, hitting the shelves by 2015! Seriously! If that news alone is enough excitement for one day, then you have […]