10 Clever Matching Outfits for Geeky Twin Infants

Copy and Paste onesieHaving twin babies in your family must be–let’s face it–a challenge. There is twice as much food turning into twice as much poop and filling up twice as many diapers, giving you ten times as much work.

As a new dad, I can’t even imagine how much more challenging it must be.

But it also has gotta be double the fun! Right? I mean, one is super cool. But two?!?

And one of the many awesome perks of having twins is that you get to dress them up in ridiculously adorable and undeniably geeky matching outfits. Just take a look at these top 10 onesies for twin babies of geeky parents and tell me that getting some family photos in this clothing wouldn’t be a blast.

I dare you!

Top 10 Geeky, Infant Twin Outfits That Are ADORABLE

10. Fancy-Fancy

FancyMaybe it’s just me, but “old-timey” clothes on babies just melts the heart. And these dapper clothes for little guys and gals have “heart-melt” written all over them.

There’s nothing terribly geeky about these clothes in particular…unless you give the lad a sonic screwdriver and all of a sudden it’s the new mini Doctor with new mini Companion!

C’mon, you know you wanna do that.

Crave it? GET IT!

9. Buy 1, Get 1 Free Onesies

Buy 1 Get 1“We’ve got a sale on babies over here! Who’s interested in a pair of good-lookin’ 2013 , fully-loaded (and I do mean fully loaded…) twins? Any other time of year, you’d have to spend a small fortune on these hot items, but today, just today, today only, you can have TWO for the price of ONE! Come on over and step right up, cause you’re looking at 50% off!”

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(Disclaimer: in no way was the previous paragraph condoning the sale or purchase of infant children. I also take full responsibility for the lameness of the sales pitch “joke”…)

Crave them? GET THEM HERE and HERE!

8. Hip Cardigans

CardigansI’m not gonna say that cardigans are geeky, per se… All I’ll tell you is that I’m very proud of my royal geekhood, and I own three of them.

These handmade matching sweaters are super adorable and super hip (you just try to walk through a group of cool young cats these days and not see a cardigan or three). Next thing you know, your twins will be wearing Buddy Holly glasses, sporting specialty Converse All-Stars, and quoting lines from Twin Peaks.

In fact, maybe you better think twice about getting your infant into a cardigan. Maybe that’s just too cool…

Crave them? GET THEM!

7. Good Cop, Bad Cop

Good Bad CopHere’s another simple joke in the vein of the 2-for-1 onesies, but it’s a good one. Just promise me one thing: if you get these for your kids, you will only ever allow your babies to wear them in public if they also wear little aviator glasses and drawn-on mustaches.

And promise me something else: if you do that, PLEASE take pictures and send them our way. I just can’t think of anything more delightful than baby cops who are just two weeks from retirement and definitely way too old for this s#*t…

Crave them? GET THEM HERE and HERE!

6. Trekkers!

Star TrekTurn your entire family into the Enterprise crew! These are perfect for Halloween, yes, but you can totally let your babbies wear these every other day of the year, too!

And because they’re twins, you can mix-n-match the rankings. Twin #1 can wear the red shirt one day, and #2 can have it the next! (Or you can skip the red shirt, since Scotty was one of the only ones to wear one and live…) Maybe instead, make them both cadets. Or even captains!

And together as a family you can boldly go through your day-to-day, exploring that undiscovered country in awesome trekker style.

Crave them? GET THEM!

5. Two Little Plumber Bros

Super BrosI’m just about positive it doesn’t get any geekier than this. Dress up your twins in these Mario and Luigi minimalist onesies and everyone will know just how wonderfully geeky your family was, is, and ever shall be.

With the iconic hats and mustaches on full display, there’s only one word I can think of that describes these outfits to perfection. And that word is…

(Oh, you totally know what I’m gonna say, don’t you? Yeah…)


Crave them? GET THEM!

4. Cat & Yarn

Cat PlayAnother simple, yet totally creative outfit for little duos is this cat playing with a ball of yarn across the front of two onesies. There’s just no denying that your little geeks-in-waiting will be the recipients of limitless oohs and aahs when you take them out in this two-part getup.

So maybe it’s not the “geekiest” outfit ever, but who said geeks only liked video games, Game of Thrones, and Dr. Who? I’m pretty sure there are several of us who adore cats, too. Or at least one. And while that’s not me… I’m sure there’s one…


Crave them? GET THEM!

3. Two Pieces of a Puzzle

PuzzlesSo far we’ve seen a lot of onesies with pictures that match up when your twins are side-by-side. Now this one takes it a bit farther than that: they match very nicely with opposing colors, but they also match physically.

These two outfits are pieces of a puzzle, complete with connecting bits on the hips! I don’t know how well the illusion would hold up with your little critters rolling all over the place, but you could definitely get some awesome family photos if you pose them just right.

And that’s all the first few months are for, right?

Crave them? GET THEM!

2. Copy & Paste

Copy PasteThe copy-and-paste theme is super popular with outfits for twins. Just about every color combination and design is available on a variety of sites. I like this one a lot because it’s plenty cute with the font as well as plenty geeky with the message.

Crave them? GET THEM HERE and HERE!

Or if you crave the ones pictured at the top of the article, you can find those ones here.

Both make great additions to your twin wardrobe collection!

1. Thing 1 and Thing 2 Onesies

thing 1 and thing 2 onesie

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a new parent, it’s that there are a TON of downright awful children’s books.

Dr. Seuss is a diamond in the rough. After reading a Dr. Seuss book to my baby at night, I always put the book down and say to my wife, “Wow. Why do we both reading anything else to him?”

And so, in honor of the great Doc, if you have baby twins, then this matching outfit is a must-own.

It’s one of those slightly subtle geeky outfits, that only the royal geeks will notice. And subtle, smart geekdom is something we all want our little geeks to aspire to, right?

Crave them? GET THEM!

Do you have geeky clothes for your own twins? Or did these photos inspire you to go out and pick up a few of your firsts? We’d love to see pics of your fabulously geeky twin kiddos!

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