How to Decorate a Lord of the Rings Themed Kids Room

hobbit room

Does your little Geek pine over the next installment of The Hobbit?

Do they chase their little sister around the house, swinging a fake axe, wearing a fake beard, and blabbering about how elves aren’t allowed in his land?

If that’s the case, perhaps they’d love their room decorated in a Lord of the Rings theme.

Here is inspiration to help you find the most Geekarific, LOTR room decor.

Existing LOTR Themed Rooms

Sadly, there isn’t much inspiration on Pinterest. Typically, that’s the number one destination to find themed rooms.

But for some reason, the Pinterest Moms & Dads don’t dig Lord of the Rings rooms.

That’s OK. We’ll have to create our own Bag End with the geeky gear we find around the Web (I did find ONE Lord of the Rings themed nursery… Although she definitely one-upped my Geekiness by actually naming her kid Eowyn… Not exactly my thing).

hobbit hole for sale

But just in case you got an extra 2.5 grand to toss around and don’t want to pad Peter Jackson’s pockets anymore than we already have, you can always just buy a Hobbit Hole playhouse for your geek.

Directly from Middle-Earth themselves, these Hobbit Holes are great for burning a hole in your pocket.

kid in hobbit hole

Regardless of the cost, it is pretty darn cute with a little Geek playing inside, isn’t it?

OK. Onto the room itself…

Lord of the Rings Wall Decals

hobbit meals decal

First up we have the meal plan. Put this on the wall above the elvish teaset and your little Hobbit will never skip a meal.

It could work as great encouragement against those picky eaters.

the hobbit wall decals

Want to fill an entire wall with decals? You can do that, too, with this set of wall decals.

Slap on all your Geek’s favorite characters from The Hobbit, including Bilbo, Gandalf and Thorin. There’s even a decal with the entire party, trudging along.

And if it’s nightmares they’re seeking, plaster Smeagol’s quote above their bed:

Voiceless it cries, Wingless flutters, Toothless bites, Mouthless mutters.

Additional Wall Decor

There are a handful of limited edition, Lord of the Rings mini montage posters that will one day be worth enough to buy all the horses in Bree.

Here’s a few cool ones:

lotr mini montage film cell

This is a mini-montage of film cells from The Lord of the Rings. It includes 11 individually mounted, authentic movie film cells. These are hand cut and hand selected from the real movie reels.

lotr 35mm filmset

This film strip contains highlights of 4 favorite characters from Lord of the Rings: Bilbo, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. It too contains actual film cell clips and is a limited edition print (although the clips in the picture above are not what you’ll be getting).

lotr trilogy film cell

If your Geek can’t decide which LOTR is his/her favorite, than why make ’em choose? Instead, upgrade their wall to the Trilogy Film Cell that contains the movie poster from all 3 epic adventures, as well as film cells from each.

Door Decorations

speak friend and enter wall decal

If you didn’t buy the Bossa Nova Prime 8 from these cool toy robots for your Geek, then this will serve as a perfect guardian.

Just plaster this wall decal on their door and your Geek can ward off any unfriendly visitors.

Bed Decorations

eye of sauron pillowcase

A Lord of the Rings themed room would not be complete without the proper bedding.

To keep a watchful eye over your Geek, get this Lord of the Rings Eye of Sauron pillow case. They’ll always be reminded of your watchful eye if they ever try to slip a fast one on you through the night.

orc it's what's for dinner pillow

Feel like further feeding into their Dwarf alter-ego? Then this throw pillow by Goblin Works will do the trick.

This pillow will have them salivating over your Meatloaf all day long. Toss a splash of green food coloring in and you can convince them the green hue is from Orc skin.

the hobbit throw blanket

If you’re trying to instill a sense of dedication in your Geek, then this throw blanket is perfect.

Always remind them of the dedication needed in life to accomplish your goals by having the party & their journey to The Lonely Mountain highlighted on their bed (could also be used as a wall decoration)

the hobbit bedset

There’s one bedset to rule them all though: This Lord of the Rings duvet cover and pillow cases.

The duvet cover features Thorin, Dori and Bifur while the pillow case has Gandalf and Kili adorning it.

Pretty epic.

Other Sweet Decorations for your LOTR Kid’s Room

gandalf gollum and bilbo bobblehead set

What better way to say, “I love you” than with a set of LOTR Bobbleheads.

All three can perfectly adorn any dresser or nightstand.

Want to make it an entire family affair? Easy enough. You keep Gandalf, give your kid Bilbo and your husband/wife Gollum.

lotr stuffed animals

And what themed room would be complete without stuffed animals? These ‘Plushies’, as Amazon calls them, are 6″ stuffed ‘animals’.

But if they want a real stuffed animal, you can always opt for the orc.

The Finishing Touches

hobbit slippers

To top it off, what Hobbit Hole would be complete if a Hobbit wasn’t living there?

Get these Think Geek Adventure Slippers for your Geek and help them embrace their inner Hobbit. After all, what Hobbit is a Hobbit without hairy, gross feet?

How to Celebrate

the hobbit cake topper

Congrats! Your Geek’s Hobbit hole is complete! Let’s bake a cake and celebrate with this Hobbit cake topper kit.

Life is good in Bag End, isn’t it?

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