Have a Blast this Summer with the Long Range Laser Blaster Set

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We are big fans of laser tag, and yes, we’ve already written about some awesome laser tag products for your kids. However, we just can’t get enough laser tag, and when an awesome new laser tag set comes out, well, we HAVE TO tell you about it.

There aren’t many more awesome, geeky activities guaranteed to let the whole family have fun than laser tag. And the new Long Range Laser Blaster Set from Hammacher Schlemmer is a high-tech laser tag set that will let you have a blast anywhere, any time!

Long Range Laser Blaster Set

As you can probably deduce, perhaps the coolest feature in this laser tag set is that (duh) it uses “guns” that can reach your adversaries from quite a long distance – as in, up to 100 feet away. This makes the set ideal for playing laser tag anywhere you like; no longer will you have to be confined to the close quarters combat of your house.

The Long Range Laser Blaster Set comes with two laser guns and two high-tech visor headsets, which display, in LED, where your opponents are and let you know when you’ve been hit. Say goodbye to clunky laser tag vests; this set gives you all the info you need right in front of your eyes, literally.

The laser guns in this set allow for a wide variety of options, such as a sniper-esque long-range mode, where you only get one shot before reloading at 100 feet, and a close-quarters mode, where you can fire off a burst of laser shots at a close distance. All of your opponents shots will show up in 360-degree LED indicators on your headset.

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The Long Range Laser Blaster Set only comes with 2 guns and 2 headsets, so if you have a bigger family, you might as well buy a few sets for maximum family warfare…er, bonding.

For $59.95, the Long Range Laser Blaster Set is sold by Hammacher Schlemmer. Check out this awesome product that is guaranteed to give your family hours of fun now!

Click here to learn more about the Long Range Laser Blaster Set. Happy fighting!

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