4 Lightsaber Combat Training Academies for the Whole Geeky Family

TrainingAre you and your little geeks super Star Wars fans? Of course you are.

Do you all kinda wish you were Jedi Knights? Of course you do.

Barring becoming official members of the Force-wielding rebellion, do you at least daydream of being able to duel someone with a lightsaber? Of COURSEĀ you do.

Well, now you actually can!

There are lightsaber combat training schools all over the world that not only teach you how to look as good as Obi Wan or Luke or Darth Maul do on screen, but actually learn techniques and philosophies and disciplines!

If you’re looking for a new after-school activity for your little geeks, I don’t think you need look any further…

Transform Your Little Geek Into a Jedi at One of These Awesome Lightsaber Training Academies

LudoSport Lightsaber Combat Academy

Ludosport 1There’s only one drawback to this stellar school of lightsaber mastery: it’s in Italy. Sure there are LudoSport Lightsaber Training Academy locations in seven different cities, but each of those…are in Italy.

(And that’s quite a drive.)

But LudoSport is unbelievably amazing, offering classes, seminars, clinics and tournaments all aimed at getting you and your little geeks fully trained in the art of lightsaber combat.

LudoSport’s founders wanted to stay as true to the source material as possible, but all they really had to work with as far as ancient lightsaber technique goes were images from the movies and words from the novels/comics. In the Star Wars Expanded Universe there’s mention of The Seven Styles, though, so LudoSport has been working towards making those fictional techniques a reality.

I don’t know, this place sounds awesome enough that maybe it’s worth the drive, after all.

Here’s a promo video:

Check out more videos on LudoSport’s official Youtube page.

(And yes, I know you can’t really drive to Italy…)

Golden Gate Knights

Golden 1If you can’t make it over to Italy for your little geek’s lightsaber training (which I suppose is understandable…), then you gotta check out the California-based Golden Gate Knights.

Classes are held every Sunday from noon to 3 PM at Studio Gracia in San Francisco. They encourage all geeks over 13 to attend and it only costs $10. (I suppose I should say that the $10 is a suggested donation, but I would suggest you treat that as a set-in-stone price, because these guys deserve a few bucks!)

A typical Golden Gate Knights class involves:

  • Warm-Up – Prepare for the physical rigors of class by stretching and doing minor calisthenics to get the blood pumping and the muscles ready
  • Flourishing – Instructors teach you the “pretty moves,” like inverted grips, spins, reverse spins, figure-eights, and tons more
  • Technique and Choreography – The majority of the class is learning combat moves and putting them together for an awesome fight that looks great both live and on camera
  • Meditating – Focus is a key element to any martial art and you’ll spend 5 minutes at the end of each class in silent, calm meditation

If you want to bring your young Padawan geek to the Golden Gate Knights, just be sure to dress in athletic, work-out clothes. Lightsabers will be provided!

Here’s a trailer for instructional DVDs that cover the combat systems taught by the Golden Knights:

New York Jedi

New York JediThese guys are fantastic. It’s easy to join their online community–just go to the New York Jedi website and sign up!

Then you can find out where they’re going to be teaching classes or performing demonstrations around the state and country.

These guys seem a bit more laid back than the LudoSport folks, but no less intent on teaching you and your little geeks honest-to-goodness lightsaber combat techniques.

The New York Jedi community is made up of cosplayers, martial artists, stunt performers, teachers and fans who create a positive environment of celebration and learning. In other words, this is like being grandfathered into one of the coolest groups of friends in the world.

Here’s a short video from New York Jedi’s Youtube page featuring a duel between Darth Necavi and Koda Khromius:

Terra Prime Lightsaber Academy

Terra prime logoThe Terra Prime Lightsaber Academy is another fantastic group of dedicated Jedi looking to establish a like-minded community interested in the technique and practice of lightsaber combat.

Geez, maybe I can sell that last sentence to them as a new mission statement…

Actually, no, their mission is much better than that. You can read it here, but the basic idea is that they abide by a number of great principles like educational excellence, safety, community, healthy life skills and fitness. Yeah, these guys are awesome.

Their website is a little difficult to navigate, but it’s worth clicking on everything along the left sidebar to get an idea of the crazy amount of excellent information these guys and gals have to share.

Here’s just one clip from their pretty extensive collection of lightsaber video tutorials. This one’s an introduction to the first of the Seven Styles: Shii-Cho.

Check out more videos at the official Terra Prime Youtube page.

May the Force Be With You and Your Little Geeks

Almost every kid wants to be a martial artist at some point in their childhood (and adulthood, too, if you’re like me…), so why not be the coolest parent in the entire GALAXY and suggest a little lightsaber training?

Guaranteed: your kid will go wampa-crazy for the idea!

Now, the above are four of the most outstanding academies for lightsaber combat training around, but there are tons more.

If none of these are near where you live, and you’re dead-set on going (why wouldn’t you be???), then drop me a line in the comments below and I’ll help you find something close by!

Until then, and in all things, may the Force be ever with you, my geeky friends.

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