Lifetrons Multitool: The Swiss Army Knife for Geeks


Lifetrons Multitool

Swiss Army Knives are famous for their ability to take on a wide range of tasks, with all of the bells and whistles tucked away in a tiny device. While having a bunch of knives and saws and scissors and toothpicks at your disposal is pretty cool, the traditional Swiss Army Knives have nothing on the geeky wonder that is the Lifetrons Multitool.

You know what’s cooler than having a bunch of tools tucked away in one small, convenient package? Having a bunch of tech supplies built into something that fits into the palm of your hand! That is what you get with the incredible Lifetrons Multitool.

This innovative product gives you all of the computer accessories and power supplies you need at your immediate, portable disposal. The Lifetrons Multitool includes an Apple Lightning connector, a USB cable, and iPhone charger, a micro-USB cord, a mini-USB cord, a stand for your iPad or iPhone, and even storage space for SIM cards and memory disks.

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The Lifetrons Multitool is compatible with the latest iPod, iPhone, iPad models, as well as most smartphones and micro and mini-USB devices. Of course, certain features such as the iPhone charger and Apple Lightning connection work only with Apple devices, so the Lifetrons Multitool is more useful for Apple product-users than those who use different brands.

In any case, the Lifetrons Multitool is one of the more awesome, uber-Geeky products that we have come across recently. Your whole family can be equipped to solve tech dilemmas on the go at any time when carrying this small, versatile technology tool around.

At just 3.66 inches in length, the Lifetrons Multitool will easily fit into your pocket and provide you with valuable electronic aids whenever you so need them – and you never know when an Apple Lightning connection will save your life, just as small scissors might with a standard pocket knife.
For $99.95, you can have all of these items at the ready with the Lifetrons Multitool, which is certainly cheaper than buying every one of these hook-ups individually.

If you want the ultimate geeky innovation, check out the Lifetrons Multitool here!

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