Let Your Kids Showcase Their Favorite Items in the Air with the Levitron Revolution Platform

Levitron Revolution Platform

Levitron Revolution Platform

Every kid has a few special possessions that he or she wants to show off to the world. Whether it’s a favorite action figure, unique memorabilia, or a special gift from mom and dad, certain items just have more meaning and deserve to be properly showcased.

If you really want to have your kids’ favorite items stand out, though, you can do so by having them levitate in the air with the Levitron Revolution Platform from Fascinations! There is no more awesome, geeky way to show off prized possessions than by having them hover, as if by magic, above this unique, high-tech platform.

Your favorite items will be the conversation piece of an entire room when they float suspended in the air, with no strings, wires, or supports attached. Using patented EZ Float technology, the Levitron Revolution Platform works with a levitating, magnetic hover disc that can support your favorite items in midair. This disc will hold up to 13 ounces of weight, giving it the capability to support most lightweight items and collectibles.

Along with this electromagnetic technology, which corrects up to 1000 times per second to accurately support any movement or changes in weight, the Levitron Revolution Platform includes four white LED lights to really make your special item shine.

However, the Levitron Revolution Platform doesn’t only make your favorite collectibles sit in midair – you can make the object of your choice rotate continuously, showing off all angles to your amazed guests.

If your kid has an item that he or she loves to treat with special care, get the Levitron Revolution Platform today to allow them to display this prized possession in the coolest, geekiest way possible!

The Levitron Revolution Platform is just $69.60 (30% off!) on Amazon for a limited time, so get it today! Click here to learn more about the Levitron Revolution Platform and get your own!

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