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Legoland Hotel Opens in Florida

You now have another option for an awesome, geeky family trip. Legoland Florida, the largest Legoland in the world has recently added onto their theme park big time, most notably by opening up a 152-room Lego-themed hotel adjacent to the park in Winter Haven, Florida.

Legos have long been some of the most popular children’s toys in the world, and the brand has become even bigger in recent years with the release of theĀ Lego Movie. Legos are no longer just fun toys; Lego is an entire brand that is now replete with characters, stories, and a fanciful world of fun. Now, your family can experience this world on your next trip to the Sunshine State.

At the Legoland Hotel, you will find all of the fun amenities you expect – luxurious pools, entertainment, and themed rooms. However, that is not all that the hotel has to offer. The Legoland Hotel offers unique experiences for kids such as “master builder” training sessions, treasure hunts, and construction contests designed to see which kiddos can make the most impressive Lego creations.

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In accordance with the Lego theme, all of the rooms in the hotel feature interactive Lego elements, and you can pay for specially-themed rooms that include pirates, Lego friends, andĀ more fun themes. Your kids will love the novelty of playing with life-sized Lego pieces, while they get to meet their favorite characters from the Lego movie and franchise. It will be a truly memorable experience for the young ones, and there are enough supervised activities that mom and dad can sneak off to the pool for awhile too.

The Legoland Hotel just opened last month, so your family can be among the first to stay at this incredible hotel. You can make reservations for both the Legoland Hotel and the Legoland Florida theme park on their website here.

So, give your kids the gift of a fun, magical experience and stay at the Legoland Hotel in the coming year! It is a guaranteed great time for the entire family!

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