Kurio Kids Phone is a Parental Control Freak! (In a good way.)

kids phoneThe upcoming Kurio Kids Phone will toe that line between sophistication (for the kids) and complete control (for the parents), making it one of the most anticipated smartphones-for-youngsters hitting shelves this year.

Let’s face it: no matter how much you may want to keep a smartphone out of the hands of your kiddos, it’s gonna find it’s way there sooner than later.

Our culture is and has been progressively tech-obsessed and our daily routines and habits are becoming defined by the little electronic gizmos we keep in our pockets. Even if we attempt to not check our smart-whatevers while around our kids, they will inevitibly see us using them and want to play with them.

Heck, even my 9 month old is already grabbing for my iPhone and we try so hard to not be on them while around him. But he sees me working from home, on my laptop, on my iPad, answering emails on my iPhone… And he absorbs it all.

But before handing out iPhones and Samsung Galaxies to your little geeks, consider the brand new Kurio Kids Phone.

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The Kurio Kids Phone, brought to you by Techno Source and KD Interactive, is a solution of sorts for the parents who are unsure about bestowing their little’uns with such pocket power.

Why is the Kurio Kids Phone a “Solution” if it’s Just Another Smartphone?

kurioJust as the name suggests, the Kurio Kids Phone is designed to be used by children. But it’s full-to-brimming with parental control options, making this device completely customizable to the wishes of each parent.

That said, it’s still an honest-to-goodness smartphone. Meaning, however limited their access to the phone’s goodies might be, there’s still plenty of fun stuff to do and play with.

The Kurio Kids Phone will run on Android 4.2 (or Jellybean), so it’s got a professional look, which your kids will absolutely appreciate. There’s also a large 4-inch touchscreen, 2 cameras (rear- and front-facing), GPS, radio, micro SD card, and more. All this is to say that your little guy or gal won’t be embarrassed to pull this phone out in public, even if it is a Kids Phone.

What Kind of Features Does the Kurio Kids Phone Have?

kids phone 2 (Photo courtesy Android Spin)

But it’s not enough to just say “it’s full-to-brimming with parental controls.” You want to know what you’re paying for, so let’s break down those features.

  • Usage — You can control how many calls, texts and picture messages the phone is capable of during any given day, week or month.
  • App Management — You have the final word on which apps get downloaded and which do not. You can also limit the amount of time spent on each app with the…
  • Custom Calendar — With this, you can actually set certain times of the day or week that texting can be done and apps can be used.
  • Geo-Fencing — Do you have a bad part of town? You can work it out so that if your kiddo goes somewhere he/she shouldn’t, you’ll receive an alert.
  • And More — So much more. Like GPS tracking, theft prevention, I.C.E. info and even control over the phone’s contacts list.

This is the most comprehensive list of parental control features to come pre-installed on a smartphone. And it’s worth watching for when it hits the shelves later this year.

(I’m not going to preach about the dangers of too much parental control right now, but I will say that I hope you only use most of these features in emergency situations and not for plain old spying…)

Is it Worth Your Time and Money?

kids phone 3Here’s the thing, and it’s probably something you’ve been thinking all along: you can very easily download parental control apps for an iPhone or Android device and just give your kid a “regular” phone…

And that’s a good point. BUT. Really, the only apps that come even close to offering the amount of control the Kurio Kids Phone offers aren’t going to be free.

For the iPhone, ParentKit costs $39.99 per year and AVG Family Safety costs $20. For Android-run devices, eBlaster costs $70 and both McAfee Family Protection and Net Nanny cost $20 per year.

The Kurio Kids Phone, on the other hand, is a one-time purchase and there are no extra upfront fees for using the parental controls. And there are certainly no yearly charges.

I’m not trying to talk you into buying the Kurio Kids Phone for your little geek. (Even though it sure might sound like it!) I just want to make sure you don’t dismiss this device as a toy and think it’s beneath your little one’s geek sensibilities. Because it really does sound like an excellent product, especially for easing the worried parent mind.

The Kurio Kids Phone made its initial bow during the 2014 CES, and I’m looking forward to getting a closer look at its specs and especially its price tag. I promise to report back on my findings!

But in the meantime, what do you think? Does the Kurio Kids Phone sound like the kind of device you’d want to give your kids? Or are you dead-set on passing on old iPhones and Droids?

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  1. Hi just read your stuff here about the kids phone. I’ve been researching this device for my son to be nine year old. I find it strange that on the kurio website under the specs it doesn’t mention GPS, I would have thought this a defining feature of the phone. But I read here that it does have it. I notice also that you ‘ promise ‘ to report back your findings when it hits the shelves. Well I believe it’s been out a while now and I don’t see a hands on review from you. Any chance of getting that? Btw it’s his birthday in five days so if you could get a wriggle on that would be great . Also enjoyed what you had to say and thank you for this simple and easy to understand editorial.

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