Teach Your Kids How to Break Codes with the Jefferson Wheel Secret Cipher

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Jefferson Wheel Secret Cipher

The best kind of toys for your kids are those that are fun and educational. If you can give your kids toys that help them improve critical thinking skills and the like while they’re entertaining themselves, you know you have found some great products.

One such product that your kids will enjoy immensely, while improving their brain, is the Jefferson Wheel Secret Cipher from Retroworks. Your kids have probably seen movies where skilled detectives crack impossible codes to put all the pieces of the puzzle together – from the Da Vinci Code to Sherlock Holmes and so forth. Now, your kiddos can solve intricate mysteries on their own with the Jefferson Wheel Secret Cipher.

Almost all young children love to create hidden messages and codes – being “in” on something your peers are not is an exciting feeling for a youngster. But who needs cootie catchers and silly symbols when you can use a coded cipher designed by Thomas Jefferson himself?

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The Jefferson Wheel Secret Cipher is a real, functional encryption cipher that has been considered a staple of codebreaking for centuries. These ciphers were originally used by high profile members of society, such as the Founding Fathers, to pass sensitive information around without the risk of it falling into the wrong hands and being read by unintended eyes.

By encrypting the messages with a Jefferson Wheel, messengers could ensure that only the intended recipients were able to understand the message. The Jefferson Wheel consists of twelve wooden disks that are turned to encrypt and decrypt messages. Turning theses disks allows words to be scrambled and unscrambled, allowing the secret message to be coded and decoded. To create a secret message, start from the left, and spell out the message you want to create by rotating each disk to line up the letters of your message. Once you’ve created the message, scramble all the disks by turning them to random configurations. Then, write down a random sequence of letters that is aligned. To solve the message, the recipient must realign the random gibberish, and then scan the rows for the message that makes sense.

The Jefferson Wheel Secret Cipher is a fun way to send messages between your family, while teaching your kids great problem solving and critical thinking skills. If you want a little excitement in your life, you can buy the Jefferson Wheel Secret Cipher from Retroworks here!

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