iPotty Toilet Training: Foolish Craziness or Crazy Awesomeness?

iPotty 4Is the iPotty the potty training tool that geeky parents raising geeky kids need? Read my iPotty review to learn if it’s a silly tech ka-ka, or revolutionary.

File this one under the category labeled: whhaaaaa…?

At first glance, the iPotty seems like a downright terrible idea. Having such a precious piece of electronic goodness strapped so closely to the nastiness of an unflushable plastic toilet?

Yeah, no thanks. Look like a piece of j–

Waaaaiiiit. Wait just a minute. There actually might just be a bit of genius here…

While I think of how to word my newfound knowledge (newfound in favor of this crazy product, I might add), let’s take a closer look at the iPotty’s ins and outs. (Poor phrasing, sorry.)

Getting Inside the iPotty: A Full Review

iPottyThe structure of the iPotty is perfectly designed: like a tricycle, rocking horse, or any one of a million other toys for infants.

The seat, splash guard, and inner bowl are totally removable for easy cleaning. A must-have for any potty training device.

iPotty 3Then the rad (and initially suspect) iPad connectivity comes into play. The activity stand rotates 360 degrees for landscape or portrait or upside-down or wacky diagonal viewing. And yes, it does come with a protective cover for your iPad. The case even has optional volume controls and ports for headphones and charging (what 3 year old will be listening to music while on the iPotty though..).

The iPotty is designed to be compatible with iPad 2, 3, and 4, so that when you upgrade with a new model, you can hand down your old one to your kiddo.

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All in all, the actual iPad station of the portable potty looks better than decent. It’ll keep your tablet clean, dry, and free of…well, free of anything that might feel like sticking to its delicate housing.

So… Yeah, that’s pretty cool. But what’s this genius I was alluding to? What’s that newfound knowledge?

Crave it? GET IT!

My iPotty Praise: Number One for Number Twos!

iPotty 2Here’s the deal: potty training can be a pain in the patootie. If you’ve gone through it before, then you already know.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure, then, well, you’ve probably seen a number of movies or TV episodes that deal with that particular pastime.

One of the “joys” of potty-training your young geek is the fight to keep the little guy or gal on the seat until downtown business has been concluded.

My epiphany during the first part of this article deals exactly with that. For when you pop a Pixar vid on the iPad, your kid will surely remain in a seated position from take-off to touch-down.

Okay, so maybe it’s not genius

But you know what? I think it’s pretty darn groovy. And if you have an extra iPad floating around, I’d definitely think twice before poo-pooing this strangely wonderful device.

(At the behest of my wife, I wish to apologize for all the poop puns… They weren’t just bad, they were downright sh**ty.)

Crave it? GET IT!

What say you, geeky parent nation? Have you had success with the iPotty?

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