The Instant Transmitting Paper-to-iPad Pen is a Game Changer

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Hammacher Schlemmer has revolutionized the world of writing, drawing, taking notes, and much more with their incredible new product that allows you to transmit whatever you put on a piece of paper to your iPad via bluetooth.

This new gadget is one of the coolest innovations we’ve seen in awhile, and will make your kids even more excited about drawing, writing, and expressing their creative sides more.

Heck, this awesome new product might even make them more excited about doing homework, since they’ll be able to do it with a sweet electronic “toy.”

The Instant Transmitting Paper-to-iPad Pen

The Hammacher Schlemmer Instant Transmitting Paper-to-iPad Pen works by having the pen itself digitize your handwriting, which then works in conjunction with a small bluetooth receiver that you clip to the piece of paper on which you’re writing.

If you’ve ever had to go back and type out handwritten notes you’ve written for something, you understand how inconvenient and tedious it is to have to make a duplicate, digital copy of a handwritten document. This fancy little device eliminates the need for such redundancy.

The receiver that you clip to your paper can store up to ONE HUNDRED pages in any one go, making it practical for any imaginable situation.

If your kid is a teenager, they can even use this awesome piece of technology in class and have their notes sent wirelessly to their iPhone. Pretty incredible stuff.

The Hammacher Schlemmer Instant Transmitting Paper-to-iPad Pen is only compatible with Apple devices for the time being, but it seems likely that they’ll make these devices more broadly focused as they continue to evolve the technology.


Your kids will definitely appreciate writing and drawing much more when they get to see their work automatically transcribed to files on their tablet or phone. The magic of Bluetooth technology makes doing tedious things much more exciting.

And for creative endeavors, it makes your kid’s favorite activities even more enjoyable, as they watch their creations show up on a digital screen in real time.

We definitely won’t blame you if you purchase the Hammacher Schlemmer Instant Transmitting Paper-to-iPad Pen for yourself, either. This awesome piece of technology is practical for fun, school, and even the workplace.

You can learn more about the Hammacher Schlemmer Instant Transmitting Paper-to-iPad Pen here!

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