Geek Up Your Summer Fun with the Inflatable Star Wars Landspeeder!

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Inflatable Star Wars Landspeeder

Summer continues to draw closer, and we have even more awesome, geeky products to show you that are guaranteed to make your summer a little bit more awesome.

Today’s summertime toy worth showcasing is the officially licensed Inflatable Star Wars Landspeeder! With this awesome pool float, your little ones can unleash all of their Jedi potential as they race through your local swimming pool or lake.

Summer is fun enough when you’re playing in the water, but here at Geeks Raising Geeks, we have a rule – if you can incorporate Star Wars…definitely incorporate Star Wars. Bringing a little bit of a galaxy far, far away into your daily life makes any activity more awesome.

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We’re not sure if your summer will be as scorchin’ hot as a summer spent baking in the sun on Tattooine, but in any case, Luke Skywalker’s signature Landspeeder will help you enjoy cooling down in the watering hole of your choosing.

The Inflatable Star Wars Landspeeder measures 70″ x 55,” making it plenty large for kids to blast around the pool. The float is constructed with a three-chamber design, ensuring that the Landspeeder hovers above the surface like any quality spacecraft should. That feature also makes it that much safer for your kids to “fly” around in.

Unfortunately for your kids (but fortunately for parents), the Inflatable Star Wars Landspeeder does not come equipped with any futuristic weaponry. But we have tested the product with water gun blasters and it seems to work just fine. The machine also goes a tad slower than what Luke is used to, but nonetheless, this Landspeeder will get the job done in the water.

So, make your kids’ summer just a little more out of this world with the Inflatable Star Wars Landspeeder! This offically-licensed LucasFilm product is available on Amazon for just $99.99! Check it out today.

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