Keep Your Kids Safe and Dry with an Indoor Snowball Fight

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Snowball fights are a ton of fun for most children. But too frequently, childish wintertime fun can turn ugly, as airborne snowballs can lead to surprisingly serious injuries. All it takes is one snowball to the eye to make a harmless childhood game turn into a visit to the emergency room.

But fear not, geeky, overprotective parents. There is a safe alternative to the icy projectiles that is just as fun for kids: the Indoor Snowball Fight from Hammacher Schlemmer!

Hammacher Schlemmer Indoor Snowball Fight

This winter, instead of subjecting your children to flying balls of ice, you might as well bring the fun indoors with the¬†Hammacher Schlemmer Indoor Snowball Fight. The fake “snowballs” here are fun to squeeze, and have the satisfying crunch of a real snowball, but they won’t damage corneas, noses, or even fragile china in the house.

The indoor snowballs are puffy and made of 100% polyester plush, ensuring that nobody gets hurt during the fun and games. However, they are still plenty fun to throw, and will travel much like the real thing. 30 “snowballs” come in a pack, so this can be a fun activity for the whole family this winter.

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Your young kiddos will have all the fun of a regular snowball fight without any of the wounds, and even better, they wont even have soaked clothes afterwords, which is no fun for the kids, or for the mom and dad that have to keep the house tidy.

While there is certainly plenty of fun in being outdoors in the snow during the wintertime, with young children, it is best to keep snowy activities to harmless fun like sledding and snowman-building. If you want to throw some snowballs around with your youngster, the Indoor Snowball Fight is the way to go! This item is perfect for any lazy Sunday afternoon with your little geeks.

Check out more details on the Indoor Snowball Fight on Hammacher Schlemmer’s website!

Good luck in your upcoming snowball fights!

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