How to Raise Your Kid to Be Like Westley of “The Princess Bride”


Do you want your child to be strong, courageous, dedicated & have a masterful wit? Then learn how to raise him or her to be like Westley of ‘The Princess Bride’.

Oh, The Princess Bride, one of the most revered family movies of the 80s and a fantastic book for all ages. As described by the spunky grandfather reading this story to his sick, yet skeptical, grandson, The Princess Bride is all about “fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles…” all neatly wrapped up into a 98-minute movie.

So what makes this particular Dread Pirate Roberts, aka Westley the Farmboy, worthy of being a role-model for your little Geek? Keep reading and find out!

Westley? A hero? Inconceivable!

Sure, Westley did leave Buttercup to go find fortune so that he could return to marry her, and then there’s that little rumor of his death that sends her spiraling in depression, but hey! What’s a good hero without a little bit of a tragedy on his side?

Not only is Westley a master of steel, but he has a masterful wit.


While battling Vizzini in a battle of wits to the death, this mysterious “Man in Black” is able to keep complete composure. Much to Vizzini’s delight, this Man in Black appears to be going against one of the most common blunders in history, which according to Vizzini is “Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line!”

But, why is this an admirable quality? Westley could have easily given Vizzini a red smile from ear to ear, but why didn’t he? Oh, that’s right; Vizzini was holding Buttercup captive with a knife to her neck. Yet, despite that fear of Vizzini killing Buttercup, Westley was able to outwit a man who had a career of starting wars.

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Why is this such an admirable trait? It gives Westley dimension, and he becomes more than just a hero who is good with a sword. He is able to see through a dim situation, and then reason his way out of it using all that he knows. Wouldn’t you want your Geek to behave like that?

I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t want their child to be so clever as to grow immune to iocane and be able to use that to their benefit in a death match? (but, despite this, we at Geeks Raising Geeks don’t advocate allowing your children to grow immune to various deadly substances for the chance to fool a real life Vizzini!)

Plus, Westley has a way with insults that can only be compared to that of Shakespeare. How cool is that?


Westley can be tough, but he is not afraid to reveal his emotions.


Take a note, gents. While Westley can be perceived as the dashing, reckless highwayman, that image is soon changed with his big reveal once Buttercup pushes him down the hill side and hears his famous “As you wish!”

Though Westley does continue to keep a tough exterior, especially when he awakens from being “mostly-dead,” he’s not afraid to dish out emotion, such as giving constant declarations of love to Buttercup, or even just being friendly with Inigo and Fezzik, despite the fact that they had tried to kill him earlier in the movie.

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I feel this is an admirable trait due to the outdated social norm that men need to bottle up all of their emotions and appear to be nothing but strong in society. Westley shows that it’s okay to tell someone that you care for them in public, he shows that it’s okay to be scared, and he even shows it’s okay to be kind to your enemies!

Dream of large women

Westley does absolutely whatever he can to achieve his goals.

As You Wish

And what does he want? Nothing more than to spend his life with his Buttercup.

That kind of devotion to anything, be it a romantic interest or a sheer goal in life, is something to be desired. Westley went through stress, anxiety, work, you name it, all to end up with his sweet Buttercup.

Even when he returned, despite the fact he found her engaged to Prince Humperdinck, he still went after her to hear from her, in her own words, that things were over. Yes, him coming out of the blue to steal her up without revealing himself was a bit on the creepy side, but Vizzini did it first… so it’s okay, right?

What do you think? Do you believe Westley is deserving to be modeled after by your little Geek?

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