How to Paint Your Kid’s Room

Anyone can paint their kid’s room, right? Hustle to Home Depot, pick a color, buy paint and paintbrushes. Simple enough.

But like programming, you can tell the amateurs from the auteurs when looking at the finer details.

As a Geeky parent, you must equip yourself with the proper tool-belt for this job. With the right tools, you’ll have cleaner edges, less spilled paint & more time to play Mario Kart with the kids.

Let’s get going.

Painting Your Kid’s Room: A Step by Step Procedure

Picking the Right Colors

Not all of us can channel our inner Martha Stewart. And painting the wrong color can ruin any Mario Party.

Thankfully, Home Depot and Lowe’s have these super cool machines that help you pick your color.

They’re machines designed by paint companies, including Martha Stewart’s and Behr.

The machines at these stores allow you to bring in a color sample and they’ll find coordinating colors. So if you just bought the Lord of the Rings bedset and want to find colors to match Gandalf’s hat, bring it in and put the hat under the color selector. It will find all complimentary colors. Pretty sweet.

choosing colors with a behr paint color picker machine

Alternately, Behr’s website has a fancy Java design that does everything its machine does (minus the color sample tester). Unfortunately, their website technology runs slower than Myst’s load time. You’re better suited driving to your local Home Depot or Lowe’s.

What I do love about Behr’s site over the in-store machiens is that you can upload a photo and visualize exactly what your room will look like with these colors. Now that’s epic.

Here’s my sample dungeon from their site with a Super Mario inspired coloring:

super mario colored walls

Equipping Your Toolbelt

When I painted my son’s nursery, I didn’t even know all the technological advancements in painting tools. Granted, there still isn’t a robotic solution for painting a room (although robots can paint their feelings now), for a few extra bucks you can buy gear to simplify and expedite the process (and fumes inhaled).

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Paint
  • Roller
  • Paint bucket
  • Smaller brushes
  • Drop cloth
  • Step stool
  • Painter’s tape
  • Flat head screw driver
  • And most importantly: Shur-line Paint Edger

The game of painting is more straightforward than Multiplayer Goldeneye. But thankfully, the Shur-line makes it so that even if you were awful in License to Kill with Pistols, you’ll still get a killer paint job done.

Basically, you wet the Shur-line pad with paint. Then, run it along the edge so that the Shur-line handle is up and the top of the pad is faced down on your trim. There’s a little plastic on the top of the pad, which prevents paint from ruining your trim.


If you can handle all that, you’ll rock out your paint job in no time.

Other Geeky Painting Tools

As a Geek, we’re always looking for technology to make things easier, simpler and downright more fun.

Below are some cool painting tools that I’ve never used, but wish I knew about before painting my kid’s room:

Painter’s Can Claw

painters can claw

Video game controllers and working at a computer is essentially a DoT on your wrists. And nobody wants to waste precious wrist life on painting.

The Painter’s Can Claw attaches to your can of paint and makes it easier to lug it around when painting.

Yes, please.

Crave it? Get it!

HomeRight Pro Electric Paint Roller

homeright pro electric paint roller

If you want to cast Haste on the paint job, then get this.

The HomeRight Pro Electric Paint Roller pumps paint from the bucket and onto the roller. No more bending down to re-apply paint. No more worrying if you have the right amount on your roller. No more nonsense.

This is the ultimate tool for Speedy Gonzalezing the room. “Arriba! Arriba! Arriba!

Crave it? Get it!

What do you think? Do you have any advice for us Geeky parents out there needing to paint their kiddos room?

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