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Kids are pretty easily entertained. If you give a kid something that moves around quickly, smashes into things, and is generally erratic and wild, he will be entertained. Remote control cars and trucks were cool when we were growing up, but that technology is outdated and today’s children deserve something just a little bit cooler.

If you want to entertain your kids for hours on end and give you and your spouse a much-needed break from constantly entertaining children, you should check out Ollie – a remote controlled, moving robot, that is subject to the commands of your smartphone.

Ollie – The App Controlled Robot

Ollie is produced by the people who created Sphero, a robotic ball that has been a big hit with children and adults alike. However, what Sphero couldn’t do was go fast and do all sorts of crazy hops and tricks, which is where Ollie comes in.

Ollie is built for speed and style, with a top speed of 14 miles per hour, and a 98-foot range, controlled by an app on your iPhone. You can use the app to control Ollie and make him tumble, flip, roll, and more, with a battery life of just over an hour.

Ollie’s wheels spin independently of each other, too, so you can make him move in ways that will keep your children entertained for hours. Whether you control Ollie while the kids play with him or if you allow them to control him themselves is solely up to you; making your kids chase Ollie around like a cat chasing a laser pointer sounds like a pretty good time, though.

This awesome little robot is available for just $99, and will certainly be worth that price in entertainment value. Don’t give your kids some lame, battery-powered truck when you can give them the tumblin’, flyin’, speedin’ magic of Ollie.

You can learn more about Ollie and maybe even buy your own here!


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